Monday, January 30, 2017

ATC Class at NAS Miramar

This class is taking place today at 1000 hours with a repeat at 1700 hours.

Air Traffic Control Basic Class
Instructor: CDR. Asra Sax Kron, NASMCO
Estimated duration: 1.5 hours
Location: N.A.S. Miramar Main - Du Sud Isle - Building B, Briefing room

Attendees: USNSL pilots, aircrews and ATC personnel, NSTC students aiming for those roles.
Prerequisites: None.
Follow up: ATC intermediate and advanced classes and evaluation in action.

1. ATC communication types in SL.
2. ATC radar types in SL.
3. Aircraft identification.
4. On the ground.
5. In the air.

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron

Saturday, January 28, 2017

A new Season begins...

The Blue Angels formation zooms through Conwy off Miramar on day two of Homecoming, 01/28/2017.

Homecoming for the Blue Angels went on for the second day and this time the air show was not met by as much "adverse weather" as the day before. The Diamond and two Solos were ready on cue and Angel #7, the Narrator was free from her alternate duties and able to perform on the ground.

Audience attendance was amazing throughout the two days and between Miramar, the bleachers on Deder Isle, the U.S.S. Defiant on Port Gonn and the U.S.S. Dauntless on Conwy over 100 spectators were able to view the air show.

Day one team, from port side, Mistell, Cougar, QB, Torch, Hinch and the Boss.

The Homecoming Air Show traditionally opens the new Navy Flight Demonstration Team season and it serves as a first approach to the new year's demo layout that will now be fine tuned and set for regular practice by the team in preparation for the coming appearances, of which two will be related to Relay For Life and already confirmed. This was the first time the team used the F9F-6 single seat Grumman Cougar and she performed well and according to the N.F.D.T.'s standards.

To all those who could come to N.A.S. Miramar in this historic occasion we extend our warm thank you and wish you will continue to follow the Blue Angels in the future. Through a very rough time on day one to a less complicated but still hard environment to fly in on day two, the audience stood by and watched as the Blue Angels aviators performed to the best of their ability and pushed through the odds to accomplish an outcome that once again proved not just their skill but also their resolve and determination to get the job done, both hallmarks of the Naval Aviator. What an incredible audience! Thank you.
To the officers of N.A.S. Miramar that helped on the ground, from ATC to crowd control, congratulations on a job very well done.

Homecoming 2017 Photo Coverage

Please follow the link above to see the complete photo coverage of the two day Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show of 2017. The photo coverage page will be accessible always from the right column of this weblog. Go Navy! Go Blues!

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron
Angel 7

Friday, January 27, 2017

Homecoming is here!

N.A.S. Miramar ready to welcome the Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show audience, 01/26/2017.

The first day of the Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show is here!
Today at 12:00 hours (12 pm SLT) the Blue Angels will perform for an audience that may watch the demonstration from three different points close to Miramar. If you are coming to see the air show here are a few things you should know and do to help the team fly at its best and ensure you can also have the best conditions as spectator.

Things to know and do

- Please do not fly to Miramar - the station is closed to air traffic during local air shows.
- Please arrive early. Local officers will assist you and guide you to the best seats available.
- Please be mindful of your scripts! There are script counters in place to help you reduce script usage.
- Please remain in your seat and watch the show using your camera.
- Please use one of the three locations available to spectators. Local officers will provide LMs.
- Miramar (Du Sud Isle) is a Homestead, so restricted to general public during air show time.
- If you choose to sail to the Aldabra Sea demo area please remain outside the audience sims.

Audience locations

Deder Isle - Capri island bleachers - 15 seats - SLUR here!
USS Defiant - Port Gonn, Northeast of Miramar - 13 seats plus - SLUR here!
USS Dauntless - Conwy, North of Miramar - 13 seats plus - SLUR here!
N.A.S. Miramar - VIP seats by Building A. - 7 seats - Reserved - SLUR here!

The Dauntless just North of Miramar and the Defiant out to the NE.

The complete Homecoming Air Show layout can be viewed HERE. We hope you come see the United States Navy Second Life Blue Angels on their return home as the 2017 Season begins. Today and tomorrow at 12 pm SLT! Blue Skies! GO NAVY! GO BLUES!

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron
NASMCO, Angel 7

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A prayer for hope...

Amazing grace how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now I'm found.
Was blind but now I see.
'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fears relieved.
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed.
When we've been there ten thousand years
Bright shining as the sun
We've no less days to sing God's praise
Then when we first begun.
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now I'm found.
Was blind, but now I see


[ update January 25: back home and no one left behind here, except my sissy Draya's dad. This is for him too. ]

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Old Six Six underway

BuNo 152711 being worked on at Miramar, Black Sheep hangar deck, East apron, 01/19/2017.

With the supply of a workable shell by Spartan industries, the final work on the HS-4 Black Knights Sikorsky SH-3D Sea King "Old 66" has started at Miramar. Spartan Industries agreed to make the "Old 66" a one of to be deployed at N.A.S. Miramar in active duty as part of U.S. Naval Aviation history, and her arrival will be celebrated with due honors. More on this soon.

The "Old Six Six" Sea King is the only operational SH-3 model flying with HS-4, the other aircraft having been replaced by the more manageable AW-109 DM on April, 2016 (see here).

August 1969. "Old 66" recovers the Apollo11 astronauts and capsule.

"BuNo 152711 was an SH-3D delivered to the Navy by Sikorsky in March 1967 and served for much if not all of its career with HS-4, a deployable ASW helicopter squadron. 152711 initially wore the overall Engine Gray SH-3 livery but was repainted into the white/gull gray scheme the Navy directed for the SH-3 in mid-1967. This repaint probably happened during the aircraft's first major overhaul in 1968. In any event, the repaint had long been done by the Apollo 8 recovery in December 1968.

Starting with Apollo 10, the recovery helicopter was equipped with an uprighting sling made of half-inch nylon line. One end of the sling was attached to a weapons shackle; the other end was taped in place below the starboard cabin door. If the command module was apex-down (Stable II) after splashdown, a helicopter crewman could lower the free end of the sling to a swimmer in the water, who would attach the sling to the spacecraft. The helicopter could then pull the spacecraft over to upright (Stable I) position.
Other modifications to the prime recovery helicopter included installation of photo and film cameras on the starboard side. Two 70mm motion picture cameras and a 35mm still camera were carried on a specially-made mount on the starboard aft weapons position, and at least one camera was mounted on the starboard side between the sponson and the fuselage.

"Old 66" in flight over the Apollo 13 command module, April 17, 1970.

The last recovery for HS-4 was the Apollo 13 mission in April 1970. The HS-4 side numbers had changed to 4XX by that point, but 152711 had kept her markings from the Apollo 12 recovery. The port side of the helicopter had minimal changes, but the starboard side, which would be seen up close on television and in photos, was given a quick and very non-standard repaint with idiosyncratic stenciling. 
A new coat of white paint was applied and the markings were redone; the "66" was painted in a slightly chunkier fashion than the Apollo 12 version, and "Albert the Alleygator," cigar clenched in his teeth and lit stick of dynamite in his paws, was painted on the starboard cabin door just before the recovery itself.

Trim colors on the rotor cap, tail and sponson tips changed from blue to red for Apollo 13, and USS IWO JIMA replaced USS HORNET on the sponsons, although the CVSG-59 lettering remained. The Apollo spacecraft were replaced and reoriented, and again the Apollo 13 emblem was applied prior to recovery and revealed as the helicopter landed aboard Iwo Jima."

[in OLD 66 by JODIE PEELER from Tailhook Topics]

CDR. Asra Kron

NASM ATC Guidelines updated

[ click on the graphic to enlarge ]

Naval Air Station Miramar ATC guidelines have always been available on the Specil Sections links, right column of this weblog. They exist in two formats: NAVY and GRID ATC. The NAVY guide is exclusive to U.S.N.S.L. personnel, the GRID ATC guide is for all other users.
Soon available from dispensers on location.

See links to each page at any time under Special Sections.

You can also go to NASM ATC guide - NAVY procedures here and to NASM ATC guide - GRID ATC procedures here.

CDR. Asra Kron

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Introduction to Naval Aviation Class

This class is taking place today at 1400 hours.

Introduction to Naval Aviation Class
Instructor: CDR. Asra Sax Kron, NASMCO
Estimated duration: 1.5 hours
Location: N.S.T.C. Nautilus, Velinissimo - Boxer Building classroom

Attendees: O.C.S. and R.T.C. students
Sit in: Yes, to any U.S.N.S.L. commissioned officer or enlisted.
Prerequisites: None.
Follow up: Other specific classes related to U.S.N.S.L. components procedure.

1. U.S. Naval Aviation in RL.
* Early Years
* Between World Wars
* WW2
* Post-War Years
* Jet Era
* Cuba and Vietnam
* Into a New Era
* 75 Years and onward
* Turn of the Century
* Today

2. U.S. Naval Aviation in SL.
* Origins
* The Age of Flight
* Gold over Blue
* A Navy for Tomorrow
* Third Fleet

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron

Monday, January 16, 2017

Alternate Reality

CDR. Asra Kron and CPO Black (*) at Miramar's building on NSTC Nautilus grounds, 02/25/2016.

No matter what this entry's headline suggests we refrain from expressing political views as Navy officers, so don't even go there. This is a clarification on alternative avatars and their use, and it respects N.A.S. Miramar only, as we do not have a Third Fleet directive on this matter yet. All there is, regarding personnel prerequisites for joining U.S.N.S.L. via the Naval Service Training Center is here (Prerequisites link).

Alternative avatars (Alts) are not allowed in N.A.S. Miramar. If you serve at Miramar you may not have an active Alt on any of the same timeline groups in U.S.N.S.L. or other military, para-military or civilian (**) role playing groups in Second Life. That includes obviously all the naval groups part of or attached to Third Fleet command.
Note that "same timeline" ensures you can participate in, for instance, WW2 inspired or Science Fiction inspired groups, and here even as yourself, you don't need an alt for that.

This happens for two reasons.
One is the 99.9% guaranteed drama caused by multiple avatars controlled by the same person in the same environment. The other is that, at Miramar, we expect you to dedicate yourself to your job. This means you WILL be busy enough as YOURSELF.
Finding alt use by any officer or enlisted at Miramar will lead to immediate removal from any and all Miramar based squadrons and transfer to Fleet command for evaluation. Furthermore, using the local command prerogative, the alt in question, the original avatar in use by its operator and any other known alts used by that same operator will be permanently placed on a 60 seconds fly by/sail by only access status at Miramar, which allows safe passage but denies permanence on Du Sud Isle.

The ONLY exception to this rule are alts that have zero active life - such as CPO. Black at Miramar. These have to meet four requirements: to be approved by N.A.S.M. command, to have no meaningful life whatsoever in terms of interaction with others, to be of service to the Miramar group and Third Fleet, and to be known to all as Alternative Avatar Robots (Bots). In the case of CPO. Black, the moment he became active notices were sent to group and a related entry was posted here: CPO Black, the Bot. This makes the bot role public.

This has been known since CPO. Black is "in service" and it is reinforced here now as an extra source of information on this subject.

CDR. Asra Kron

(*) on CPO. Black, see link above or here.

(**) Exception to the "civilian role play groups" are civilians deployed with Third Fleet in that capacity that, therefore, maintain their identities and roles in the groups they originate from. HOWEVER these must have approval from local commands and the local CO is responsible for any wrongdoing perpetrated by said alt as much as the alt itself.


ENS. Margot "Witch" Fenring at N.A.S. Pompelmou, Nautilus, VF-101, CSG 11. January 5, 2014.

Among those who made it possible for Miramar to exist in the Tuarua Fiji estate, Margot Fenring is without a doubt the most significant one. During Gold & Blue Day, as I expressed my gratitude to all who made Naval Air Station Miramar what it is today, her name was missed. I had been up for 48 hours straight with a lot of work preparing for the ceremony and busy with N.A.S.M. and Blue Angels duties and somehow I just slipped.
Margot is one of Tuarua Fiji's most capable managers and in that capacity she serves as CMC at Miramar. She is liaison with Tuarua Fiji Estates and takes action on our PATROU reports in the region.  

To Margot Fenring, my apologies and the following record of years of outstanding service, both as a Master Chief and as an Officer. Here is just a little of the "Witch" countess story in the service, in first person.

As usual click on the photos to enlarge.

CPO Asra Kron and MCPO Margot Fenring, SICG, SICGAS Emile, 2014

It was then Seychelles Isles Coast Guard MCPO Margot Fenring who brought me to the naval service. To this day she remains an example to me. She guided me and others through ups and downs and when we lost our commander and I lost my drive she was the one pulling me back and kicking my butt. An outstanding Master Chief and a joy to serve with. SICGAS Emile will forever be in my heart. Unfortunately the place it stood on, Emile Isle, located 5 sims West of Saint Louis Isle, just South West of Miramar, is now gone, one of the casualties of Seychelles Isles last days' turmoil.

ENSs. Kron and Fenring checking the tarmac at N.A.S. Pompelmoo.

During the command transition in S.I.C.G., I convinced Margot to add a commission in the Navy as I joined the Fleet with Carrier Strike Group Eleven, where we flew Tomcats with VF-101, the Grim Reapers, whose Mom remains the Old Salt, U.S.S. Nimitz, CVN-68. We joined when the group transferred from Terric to Pompelmou while the carrier was taken to refurbish. I regained my butter bar and Margot was "downgraded" to Ensign as well. After a while she would return to S.I.C.G. and be promoted to Commander in order to take control of the group, filling the void left by a number of inconsequential leaders after we lost the original group commander. She would perform well and only the Seychelles Isles debacle that lead to Tuarua Fiji's birth in its stead would cause the local Coast Guard to shut down. It remains to this day one of the finest Coast Guards in Second Life. As for me... I "sailored" on in the U.S.N.S.L. and the rest is history.

USNL MCPO Fenring checks the deck at Miramar, 04/02/2016

After the transition from Seychelles Isles to Tuarua Fiji, Margot remained in the Estate becoming Commodore Inoue Rain's right hand as Estate manager. She would be instrumental in the next change which was the transfer of ownership of the Estate to Surreal Chung, ensuring the covenant remained virtually untouched. In that capacity, she did all in her power to allow the transfer of N.A.S. Miramar to Tuarua Fiji. On March of that year I persuaded her to return to active duty (see AS003/16), regaining her Master Chief status, which to her, coming from Commander of S.I.C.G. as O-5, was really a promotion. Master Chiefs rule, and she does it the best. 

MCPO Fenring and CDR. Kron at Miramar. Her liaison role is fundamental.

MCPO Fenring, a.k.a. Tuarua Fiji manager Margot, remains N.A.S. Miramar liaison with Tuarua Fiji management and works to ensure both the maintenance of the Estate according to covenant and the good standing of Miramar in the Estate. Though her duties as such keep her from a more active role in the station's day to day life, she is this command de facto CMC and if you see her on deck your cover better be off. Just saying...

To Margot "Witch" Fenring, one of the best friends I will ever have, both SL and RL, and without question, in my mind, the best Master Chief in this Navy. Thank you, Mar.

CDR. Asra Kron

(*) note to Margot: The cheesecake is in the mess fridge!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The first Gold & Blue Day

The setting on the West Apron at Miramar. The evocative plaque is visible still veiled on the right.

January 13, 2017. The first Gold and Blue Day at Naval Air Station Miramar.
This date we celebrated Miramar's first year of operations in Tuarua Fiji, as it stands on Du Sud Isle. Part of  U.S.N.S.L. COMNAVAIRNAU continental command, N.A.S. Miramar was one of the first to answer the call on the dawn of Third Fleet's resurface.

On this occasion, preceding the unveiling of the evocative plaque by Rear Admiral Isaac Levitt Harcassle Jr., Wings of Gold were awarded and the 2017 Navy Flight Demonstration Team naval aviators were given their assignments, in what we hope will become a tradition at the start of each new season for the Blue Angels.
After the guests were in place and stood for the national anthem, the ceremony went on with a few words from the station commander, CDR. Asra Kron, and from Third Fleet's commanding officer, RADM. Isaac L. Harcassle, after which the awards and assignments were announced and presented. The event was crowned by the unveiling of the evocative plaque by the Admiral.

Here is a small record of the proceedings. As usual, click on the photos to enlarge.

RADM. Harcassle and LCDR. Harcassle arrive at Miramar.
CDR. Asra Kron, NASMCO, briefly runs through a year of N.A.S.M. history.
CDR. Asra Kron's speech.

Rear Admiral Harcassle, fellow officers and enlisted men and women, dear family and friends and distinguished guests.
A year ago today, Naval Air Station Miramar was transferred, brick by brick from the original building site, where it was inaugurated as a United States Navy installation, to Du Sud Isle. We are gathered today to celebrate that occasion and set this date in metal and stone for time to come.
I would like to thank those who made this dream possible.

First and foremost, RADM. Isaac Harcassle, who personally approved my status, rank and command on the day this station was inaugurated, January 8, 2016. Without his vision, his support and his steady hand, Miramar would not be here today.
My amazing Executive Officer, who is being awarded her Wings of Gold after completing the required BFC, IFTR and AFTR goals, most achieved while performing her XO duties and Blue Angels duties. 
She is the best all round field player I could wish for and no the Navy football team can not have her. Thank you, LCDR. An Rainbow, and congratulations on your Wings. You are a true inspiration and a true friend.
Angel One CDR. Vickie Kuhn of the Navy Flight Demonstration Team, who has been the rock I lean on when I falter. Who has placed her trust in me and allowed me to share the Blue Angels dream. Angel 7 salutes you, Boss. Thank you.

To all Blue Angels that today get their assignments from the hands of Third Fleet Commander, you are outstanding aviators and amazing friends. And this ride is just beginning. My humble thanks for accepting me 8 inches away from your wings doing 300 miles per hour and for making Miramar the "Blues" second home.
I am not going to name every officer that served here the past 12 months, but I can assure you I remember you all and with very few exceptions you all inspired me and humbled me with your effort, dedication and quality. To those few who fell short, my apologies. I feel you did not fail me, but somehow I failed you. You also helped me to do better and grow as an officer.
I am privileged to have served alongside you last year and into the one just starting. May we stay steady on our course and aim true at our goals. My deepest gratitude to you all.

Fellow Commanding Officers and crews in Third Fleet, from NSTC to NRSO, NAFEN to NBNV. Without you, your continued effort in making this Fleet one of the finest in the USNSL, we would be but an island and little more. Thank you.
To our amazing supporters outside Third Fleet, USNSL and others, impossible to name here without Admiral Harcassle transferring me to the South Pole by the time I would finish, I will just name a few: CAPT. Sidney Pobieski, LCDR. John Sheridan, Ms. Surreal Chung, Ms. Shana Carpool, General Luke Flywalker, Ms. Jenny D., Ms. Caith Lynn, Ms. Beth Delaunay, Ms. Anita Babii, and so many others. My deepest and sincere gratitude.

It was a difficult but also an amazing year. I will remember it forever, no matter how many will follow, as the time where the dream came true. This dream is now real and undeniable. The way I see it, being a Naval Aviator in Third Fleet USNSL is more than a "play". It is a way of life. I look at the flag waving high over this station and I see the star spangled banner of these United States.
I salute it the first time I see it in the morning and the last at night, when I go by it. I wish CPO Black was not a bot and could sound retreat each sunset, but since he can not, the flag flies over a perpetual light so it is never in darkness.
Let us never forget who we impersonate, their true life example and commitment, and by daring to mirror their lives in this world, honor them and respect them as the true heroes they are. That is our responsibility and our main mission, as we portray their roles and play the part we once dreamed of in real life.
That is our purpose at N.A.S. Miramar, and our resolve. And let it be known that yes the flag does yet stand come another morning. To a new dawn, and the one after, in the best job in the world, in one of the finest places to serve in this United States Navy in Second Life.

Thank you.

[update: exhaustion alone made me miss a fundamental person I did not mention so here is my tribute to her, with my sincere apologies - Margot Fenring - follow the link]

RADM. Isaac Harcassle describes the meaningfulness of the day.
RADM. Isaac Levitt Harcassle, Jr.'s speech.

Thank you everyone for being here today on this momentous occasion. As we all know, a year on the Second Life grid is a lifetime. The grid is ever changing, so hell, any kind of installation or facility that lasts longer than a couple months is an accomplishment on its own.

When I first set foot onto Miramar, I knew it was special. I had just returned from a personal hiatus, and Commander Kron kept the ship together in my absence. Miramar was our one and only foothold on the grid, the only reminder that there even WAS a United States Navy Second Life.
So one year later, here we are. The station is as magnificent to visit and look upon from the sky as ever.

So Commander Kron, thank you for laying down the keel of the ship; the foundation for our triumphant return, expansion, and success. Congratulations to one year of exemplary service for Naval Air Station Miramar, and here's to many more.

Panoramic view of the ceremony during RADM. Harcassle's speech.
The awards on display as the recipients were about to be summoned.
LCDR. Rainbow after receiving her N.F.D.T. assignment, wings on her chest.

[2017/01/13 16:48] =USN= Animation HUD -Horizontal-: An Rainbow salutes.
[2017/01/13 16:48] Izzy Harcassle carefully pins the Wings of Gold onto LCDR. Rainbow's uniform, while whispering, "You know...back in my day...we used to give blood wings." He winks. "The Navy has changed so much."
[2017/01/13 16:49] An Rainbow (anan.ariantho): Thank you Sir and all who helped me achieve my wings.

The evocative plaque is unveiled by RADM. Harcassle. One year.

Those who could join the following reunion at "Cougar's Sore Bottom Sailing Club", the station's clubhouse, closed a day to remember in the best possible way.

The hosts and guests heading to Cougar's after the ceremony.
CDR. Kron at Cougar's with her sister, Ms. Sikara Denver.
Two dear friends among the guests: Ms. Foxy Heart and Ms. Shana Carpool.
Dancing a long and happy day away at Cougar's.
And so ended the first Gold and Blue Day at Naval Air Station Miramar. To all those present and those who could not make it but were there in our thoughts and hearts, our humble and sincere thank you for all your support and love. You helped us get this far and this day was for you, as will the ones that follow. Go Miramar! Go Navy! Hooyah!

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron

Friday, January 13, 2017

One Year Plaque Unveiling - Gold & Blue Day 2017

A very special day in Tuarua's Du Sud Isle.

Today, exactly a year ago, N.A.S. Miramar was transferred as is from the original location where it was built and inaugurated to Tuarua Fiji's Du Sud Isle. To commemorate the event, an evocative plaque will be unveiled and shall remain between hangars B and C at Miramar.

The ceremony will be presided by RADM. Isaac L. Harcassle, COMNAVAIRNAU Third Fleet Commander, who in addition to unveiling the One Year plaque will award Wings of Gold to Naval Aviators LCDR. An Rainbow, who completed successfully her IFTR and AFTR stages this year, and LCDR. Skarah Zane, who receives a retroactive certificate and a new set of Gold Wings, as she was awarded the Naval Aviator status aboard the U.S.S. Nimitz in 2013. Also awarded during this ceremony will be the 2017 N.F.D.T. member certificates, as RADM Harcassle assigns Blue Angels deployments with the squadron for this season.

Ceremony will take place at 16:45 SLT.

All welcome.
Dress code: Naval Officers in Dress Blues; other guests light formals.

CDR. Asra Kron

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Third Fleet Surface Vessels Registry

CDR. Asra Kron and CPO. Black (*) on the West Docks at Miramar with Tiger Class patrol boats RBM-701 and 702.

Following Third Fleet unit, livery and sequential standard directive issued by RADM. Isaac Harcassle in the last quarter of 2016, surface vessels will also be registered at Miramar, a number of them have been already in the listings but now they are available for consult by Third Fleet Commanding Officers, like the aircraft BuNo listings. Third Fleet Surface Vessels Registry is now available here.


The Dauntless Class USS Defiant frigate docked at Miramar.

Please follow the link under SPECIAL SECTIONS on the right column of this website and check if your boat or ship are in it already. If not please contact your CO. Standard livery and sequential Hull Numbers exist and need to be followed to maintain Fleet standards and keep records clear and up to date. Contact CDR. Asra Kron for details.

CDR. Asra Kron

(*) You remember CPO. Black, right?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

COMNAVAIR Regions Approved.

From the NASMCO Office from Third Fleet Command,

Each Continental Cluster will have a Central Command all USNSL structures sharing that area can join if so inclined. Third Fleet's area is Zone C - the linked continents (see graphic below, click to enlarge). In case a structure is in a cluster of sims located in the independent regions (not attached to mainland), they will choose which Continental Command they wish to be a part of. For instance, 7th Fleet is isolated, so they would choose a Continental Command to belong to.

COMNAVAIR zones in the Second Life grid.

The Commander of a Continental Command will be the highest ranking officer in that region, recognized by all groups in it. Must be O-7 or above.
To establish the areas of influence of a USNSL Continental Command the following zones were approved by Third Fleet, based on existing active USNSL groups and structure and Linden Lab mapping:

Zone A
The Old Continents
Sansara and Heterocera

Zone B
Korean Continent

Zone C
The Linked Continents
Satori, Nautilus, Blake & Islands, Corsica, Gaeta V

Zone D
The Gaeta Cluster (at the moment only Gaeta I)

Zone E

Be aware this is a THIRD FLEET initiative, to provide us with structural and linguistic assets that will help our progression. However, by adopting this system, other groups in the USNSL need to keep in mind this is how we see the world and divide it, so they know what we are talking about.
COMNAVAIRNAU falls under RADM. Isaac Harcassle's command by virtue of his station and rank. The other COMNAVAIR regions are up for grabs by anyone with a structure in place that feels capable of achieving a similar level of success to that which Third Fleet demonstrated.

For Third Fleet Command on this 11th day of January, 2017,

RADM. Isaac Harcassle
Third Fleet Commander

Redacted by CDR. Asra Kron

Miramar Action Shots 2016

One year of N.A.S. Miramar on your bookshelf.

Published the last day of 2016 and available in the market place, "Miramar Action Shots 2016" is one of many possible image selections that illustrate the day to day activity at N.A.S. Miramar. It also is a testimony of Miramar's role in the United States Navy Second Life and a piece of history you can proudly display and showcase to those curious of what is U.S.N.S.L. exactly.

Action Shots 2016
On display or worn as a HUD, a piece of our history for you.
So display it at your home, go through it from time to time, give a copy to someone you like. You are probably starting a collection that will have undeniable historical value. And yes there are cameras at work around Miramar already. Action Shots 2017, here we go!
All the proceedings from this photo book will go into Du Sud Isle's tier box. Soon in a vendor near you. Thank you for your support!

CDR. Asra Kron

Blue Angels 7 and 8 get new Cougar "2 Up"

Grumman Cougar F9F-8T v3.1 BuNo 131231 at Miramar on final prototype trials. Assigned to Angel 7 this Season.

Carpool Aircraft completes delivery of 2017 Cougar "2 Up".
The new Cougar F9F-8T v3.1 replaces the v3.0 that was flown for the second half of last Air Show Season as the Naval Flight Demonstration Team main aircraft. With the adoption of the single seat F9F-6, the "2 Up" will become exclusive to Angels 7 and 8, just as in real life. To celebrate the occasion, all the aviators in the squadron that made it to the last team composition in full active status and were selected for the first composition of 2017 will receive the 2017 F9F-8T, but from this point on, new team members will only receive them if they are assigned numbers 7 or 8.

In 2017, Blue Angel #7 is again CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron, who leaves her alternate post in the Diamond to assume the 5 bravo position, flying for LT. Johnny "V" Five who is usually the team's Lead Solo, and remains as the Blue Angels all round alternate when needed.
This Season, Blue Angel #8's position is open until a suitable Naval Aviator fills the shoes of LCDR. An "Mistell" Rainbow, last year's "Eight", now brought into the Solos act as 6 alpha, Opposing Solo. "Mistell" is no stranger to the front line positions having flown as Right Wing alternate for a great part of last Season.

As usual, click on any photo to see enlarged version.


"Cougar" & Cougar. CDR. Kron gets to fly the v3.1 8T model in 2017.
The "2 Up" number 7 will remain the team's V.I.P. ride in 2017, and number 8 will remain her back up. The first air show for this Season is Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show, at N.A.S. Miramar, 27 and 28 of this month.

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron
Angel 7

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Miramar First Anniversary Ball - 01/08/2017

Celebrating one year of Miramar. The Main Hall honored with Navy white. 01/08/2017.

It was our privilege to welcome our fellow officers, their families and friends for a celebration of the first twelve months of official activity of Naval Air Station Miramar. Part of Third Fleet Command, United States Navy Second Life, N.A.S.M. was built on an isolated island on January 1st, 2016, for the purpose of showing the owner and managers of Tuarua Fiji exactly what it would look like if the chance of acquiring a region in that amazing 80 sim large estate should come. They liked what they saw and approved the Station for transfer to Tuarua Fiji. Soon after that the chance arrived. Officially inaugurated as a U.S.N.S.L. Naval Air Station on January 8th, 2016, the installation was transferred brick by brick to Du Sud Isle, where it now stands, on the 13th day of that same month.

Doing the honors for Miramar were CDR. Asra Kron, CDR. Vickster Kuhn, LCDR. An Rainbow, LT. Jenny Kaz, escorted by Mr. Diamon Star, ENS. Declan O'Mara, escorting his fiancée Ms. Sikara Denver, and MCPO. Margot Fenring.

Among our guests for the formal occasion, RADM. Isaac Harcassle and his wife LCDR. Daniella Harcassle, along with the 6 months old Harcassle twins in her womb, and their lovely little daughter Maggie, CAPT. Sidney Pobieski, CDR. Connie Mistwalker, LCDR. Elspeth Westminster, escorting Ms. Warda PinkKarma, LCDR. Alice Illios, LCDR. Alia Khashmal, Director Mac Gaelyth and his wife Mrs. Mikie Gaelyth and retired Royal Navy, now Merchant Navy CAPT. Mit Zoobe, escorting Ms. Kitty Umarov.

The reception began as scheduled at 13:30 SLT sharp, and the opening dance by CDR. Kron and her Executive Officer, LCDR. An Raibow was quickly followed by other couples to get the Ball started. There was then a fly by to the North of the main building where the Ball was held, performed by three aircraft from resident squadrons, and the celebrations continued for about four hours, after which the most resilient (and free of obligation) guests eased the party down for another two.
The full photo coverage of the event can be found by following the link on the image below.

To all our fellow officers in the U.S.N.S.L., our friends from other Navies and groups, their families and friends, we wish to express our gratitude for your presence at the anniversary ball and for your continued support for one of the references in Naval Air Station facilities in Second Life: N.A.S. Miramar.
May this year be the first of many to come. Thank you.

CDR. Asra Kron
Third Fleet, USNSL

Miramar First Anniversary ball Photo Coverage

Friday, January 6, 2017

Chargers: New SH-60 to New HSC-14

HSC-14 Chargers SH-60 Seahawks CD-12 and CD-13 in delivery transit to N.A.S.V., buNo's 17008 and 17009, 01/06/2017.

"Day and Night Lightning Strikes!"
That is Helcombatron Fourteen motto and by RADM. Isaac Harcassle's directive, Third Fleet now counts then among the HSC squadrons. On the establishment of this world famous Chargers with the fleet, deployment was assigned to N.S.T.C. Nautilus, leading to the creation of a local inatallation that accommodates a helicopter combat squadron. So was born Naval Air Station Velinissimo (N.A.S.V.).

HSC-14 shall, on order employ the MH/SH-60s in support of Third Fleet's objectives, with emphasis on Search and Rescue, Logistics, Combat Search and Rescue, Anti-Surface Warfare, and Special Operations. Same Mission statement as the real life squadron.

As usual click on the photos to enlarge.

CD-013 on a high speed over water test off Miramar, Aldabra Sea.
The two new Chargers ready for delivery at N.A.S. Miramar, 01/05/17.
CDR. Asra Kron and LCDR. An Rainbow arriving at N.A.S.V., 01/06/17.
The two aircraft were delivered as scheduled to LCDR. Chrissy Dehner at N.A.S. Velinissimo on January 6th, 2017. They were flown by CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron and LCDR. An "Mistell" Rainbow. Along for the ride was Petty Officer Sheridan, who is conducting a survey of Third Fleet components as he decides whether to join our Navy family or not.

LCDR. Dehner receives the new helos at N.S.T.C./N.A.S.V..
The helos were registered at Miramar receiving the usual local of deployment CO's initials as tail code letters and BuNo's 17008 and 17009. To LCDR. Chrissy Dehner, best of luck and success with the new squadron and with CD-012, her personal Seahawk. Go Chargers!

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Thank you.

New Year's Day.

Thank you all for a great year.
I am privileged to have you at Miramar.

Asra Kron