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NAS Miramar is starting a global aircraft identification system we hope to be adopted by US Navy SL command. All aircraft stationed at NASM will be renumbered to reflect this system. Liveries will be delivered asap.
Each aircraft will have a unique logical sequence that includes a BuNo, a block code, a type and order. The BuNo will start with the last two digits of the year of acquisition by the US Navy SL and a sequential general number common to all types, that makes each aircraft unique, followed by the manufacturer's code and block type. As units of squadrons, the aircraft will have additional codes, the squadron number and station/carrier code (Navy Code), that identifies the aircraft in a US Navy SL only environment (usually a Call Sign followed by the aircraft's squadron number, i.e. Cougar 106 - due to the ability in SL to have several same type aircraft with different liveries, any variations will be added smartly to the Navy Code, i.e. Cougar 106 Low, for a low visibility livery of 106AK).

Modex numbers used to register and identify the aircraft in the general SL Aviation environment and ATC radars include the 5 first BuNo digits with the NAVY- or MARINE- prefixes. Note that land based aircraft have only two digit squadron/deployment numbers (SDN's), rotors have three digits SDN's due to their quantity, training squadrons have a 5- prefix for rotors and a 6- prefix for fixed wings on three digit SDN's, carrier able aircraft have three digit SDN's, the first being the squadron number on the deployment carrier (i.e. CVN-68 VF-101 aircraft have a 1- prefix followed by two digits, CVN-68 VF-84 have a 2- prefix.).

Tail letter codes in US Navy SL reflect the original commanding officer of the squadron's station or carrier and are his/her initials (CVN-68 has AJ for CAPT. Alec Juventa, NAF Avignon has IH for CAPT. Izzy Harcassle, NAS Miramar has AK for CDR. Asra Kron and NAF Eagles Nest has VK for CDR. Vickster Kuhn). Navy Registry Number (NRN) will include the BuNo and Squadron ID combined.
CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron's VF-101 F-14 D High Visibility BuNo is 14016GD, the SDN is 106AJ, the Modex is NAVY14016, NRN 14016GD106AJ.

14 - 2014
016 - the 16th aircraft acquired
G - Northrop Grumman
D - Block D from factory, no mods
106 - Carrier's 1st Squadron, 6th sequential
AJ - CVW code or original location CO initials.

Liveries with the new code will be delivered throughout the current week.
Refer to your immediate CO/Instructor for any clarifications.

CDR. Asra Kron (*)

(*) promoted to O-6, Captain in May 14th, 2017.

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