Miramar First Anniversary Ball Photo Coverage

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N.A.S. Miramar dressed up for the First Anniversary Ball. Main Gate. 01/08/2017.
The front entrance to the Main Hall in building A with the terrace over the runways before the Ball. 01/08/2017.

CDR. Asra Kron and LCDR. An Rainbow, N.A.S.M. CO and XO, open the Ball. Visible in the background are RADM. Isaac Harcassle and his wife, LCDR. Daniella Harcassle with their little Maggie standing between them. 01/08/2017.

The Harcassles, all FIVE of them, hit the dance floor right after the opening dance. In the photo, port to starboard, are CDR. Vickster Kuhn, Director Mac Gaelyth and his wife, Mrs. Mikie Gaelyth, CDR. Asra Kron, LCDR. An Rainbow, LT Jenny Kaz, LCDR. Elspeth Westminster, RADM Isaac Harcassle and his wife, LCDR. Daniella Harcassle, little Maggie Harcassle, ENS. Declan O'Mara and his fiancée, Ms. Sikara Denver. 01/08/2017.

CAPT. Sidney Pobieski, U.S.S. Kitty Hawk, 7th Fleet, U.S.N.S.L., leaves her Mom to join the ball. Also on the photo, to starboard, LCDR. Alice Illios, SEAL V, 3rd Fleet, U.S.N.S.L. 01/08/2017.

CAPT. Sidney Pobieski arrives to a Main Hall decked with Navy Whites and gorgeous gowns. 01/08/2017.

"Cougar", on the West Apron by hangar B, exchanges a few words with "QB", inside AJ-203's cockpit, before the Parade Pass.   CDR. Kron and LT. Kaz would fly port and starboard wings for CDR. Kuhn in a Delta Three formation. 01/08/2017.

The line up for the Parade Pass on the West Apron at Miramar. VFC-13 Aggressor F-5E AK-21 in "MiG 28" livery, BuNo 15021, flown by the squadron CO, CDR. Vickster "Speed" Kuhn and the two VF-84 Jolly Rogers F-14As, CVN-68, AJ-201 BuNo 16021, flown by CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron, and AJ-203 BuNo 17007, flown by LT. Jenny "QB" Kaz. 01/08/2017.

The Delta over the Aldabra Sea, North of Miramar, heading 2-7-0 for the 180 turn into the path to a final pass by the Main Building at N.A.S.M. Port to starboard, "QB", "Cougar" and "Speed". The weather looks good on the image but the turbulence was horrid and nearly jeopardized the passes, but in the end it was mission accomplished. 01/08/2017.

On the return from the fly by, "QB" taxis into her spot behind "Cougar" on the West Apron at Miramar, before the eyes of the guests who observed the Parade Passes from the terrace outside the Main Hall where the ball was held. 01/08/2017.

In the foreground, LCDR Alia Khashmal arrives at the ball. The guests kept coming and going for hours, trying to beat the odds of a Homestead region such as Du Sud Isle, where Miramar is located, and to the delight of the resident officers it was a full house. In the background, from port side, Mr. and Mrs. Gaelyth, LTJG. Yand Tracer and his fiancée, Ms. Avorlyn, LCDR. Jenny Kaz, CDR. Vickster Kuhn, CDR. Asra Kron, CAPT. Mit Zoobe and Ms. Kitty Umarov, LCDR. Daniella Harcassle standing with RADM. Isaac Harcassle, LCDR. An Rainbow and Ms. Warda PinkKarma in the red gown. 01/08/2017.

On the terrace outside the Main Hall, CDR. Kron speaks with ENS. O'Mara, soon to become her brother-in-law. Inside, from port side, CAPT. Mit Zoobe and Ms. Umarov dance while LCDR. An Rainbow, LCDR. Alia Khashmal, CDR. Connie Mistwalker and Ms. Warda PinkKarma enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that was constant throughout the event. 01/08/2017.

CDR. Kron is introduced to Ms. Warda PinkKarma, in the red dress, by her escort, CDR. Mistwalker. Ms. Warda was trully a rose among lilies that evening and so she was told exactly that. It was a delight for the hosts to see so many family and friends escorted by their fellow naval officers at the anniversary ball. 01/08/2017.

CDR. Vickster "Speed" Kuhn, NAFENCO, NFWSCO and NFDTCO, goes through the pages of "Miramar Action Shots 2016", the photo book just published that illustrates the object of the celebration at hand: One year of Miramar. 01/08/2017.

As the hours entered evening time decisively, a few hosts and guests remained, swooned by the Jazz still playing on the turntables. In the photo, CDRs. Mistwalker and Kuhn, LT. Kaz and her escort, Mr. Diamond Star, CDR. Kron and Ms. Cassie Breathe dance the day away at Miramar. 01/08/2017

The dancing skills of those last standing could be better put to the test with a more cleared Main Hall. In the image, CDR. Kron with Ms. Breathe and LT. Kaz with Mr. Star are captured in a moment of ballroom dancing at its finest under the watchful eye of CDR. Kuhn, an excellent dancer herself both on the ground and in the skies. 01/08/2017.

Time to go. The last two close the anniversary ball. CDR. Asra Kron and Ms. Cassie Breathe, who is taking the first class of 2017 at N.S.T.C. Nautilus but already feels part of the Navy family. 01/08/2017.

The sun sets at Miramar. May all gather again next year with new fellow officers and friends for the second anniversary ball. That is the wish of all who serve in this fine Naval Air Station. 01/08/2017.

Naval Air Station Miramar 2017

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