Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last 2016 Blue Angels VIP Rides - Ms. Shana Carpool

Ms. Shana Carpool receives her V.I.P Ride certificate from Angel 7 and the Boss, at N.A.S. Miramar, 12/31/2016.

For the longest time the Blue Angels wished to give their chief engineer and engine maker two things: the honorary title of Angel Zero, as a true member of the team, and the V.I.P Ride she of all the very important people in Second Life deserved.

Shana Carpool, owner and chief engineer of Carpool Aircraft, the manufacturer of the engines that power the Grumman Cougars F9F-8T and F9F-6, has been outstanding in her support of the team and effective response to all their engine and avionics needs. As an example, the F9F-8T (Carpool Aircraft stock designation TF-9J) the Naval Flight Demonstration Team flew during the 2016 Season went through three engine and avionics upgrades. Her commitment to her work and the great job she does with the Blue Angels are unparalleled.

On December the 31st, 2016, "Operation Cinderella" was launched. Objective: to provide the Blue Angels V.I.P. Ride to Ms. Shana Carpool before midnight SLT. The operation was accomplished. At 18:22 SLT, on the tarmac of Miramar, Angel Zero was aboard Blue Angels 7, with CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron. For this very special ride, the Boss, CDR. Vickster "Speed" Kuhn, Angel 1, would fly as lead Solo, providing Ms. Carpool with a unique V.I.P. Ride made of two Blue Angels jets flying a Solos routine.

[2016/12/31 18:22] :: ((Blue)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: Comm check BLUE
[2016/12/31 18:22] :: {Blue} CDR Vickie "Speed" Kuhn NFDTCO (Vickster Kuhn): acknowledged
[2016/12/31 18:23] :: {Blue} Shana Carpool: helloooooooooooooooooooo
[2016/12/31 18:23] :: ((Blue)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: haha Copy that Angel Zero

The rest is now part of history.

As usual, click on the photos to enlarge

Shana in her Angel Zero varsity jacket before the ride, with "Speed" and "Cougar".
Angels 1 and 7 hot and static at Miramar. "Ready to take off?" "Ready Boss!"
The Blue Angels, all of us, across team compositions in the year 2016, wish to dedicate the following song to Shana Carpool as it says all that our hearts hold for her. She is truly the wind beneath our wings and we fly high in the sky because she makes it possible for us to shine. Her strength is our glory, and our glory is hers. She is our hero. From all of us, a heartfelt thank you. Thank you, Shana.

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron
Angel 7

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Last 2016 Blue Angels VIP Rides - RADM Harcassle

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron ready for helmet on with RADM. Isaac "Izzy" Harcassle in #7, BuNo 131219, 12/29/2016.

There were two last rides the Blue Angels wished to give in 2016 to two very important people in their lives, and they managed to do so starting with RADM. Isaac Harcassle, who, accompanied by his wife, LCDR. Daniella Harcassle, NBNVCO, on the 29th of December joined the Blue Angels at N.A.S. Miramar for the V.I.P. ride aboard Angel 7. On that occasion, RADM. Harcassle inspected the new NFDT delta line up with the Grumman F9F-6 BA v1.0 Cougars, after which he took place on the "two-up" F9F-8T number 7 for the ride.

As usual, click on the photos to enlarge.

RADM. Isaac L. Harcassle, Third Fleet Commander, U.S.N.S.L. and the F9F-6.
From port side, Blue Angels 3, 8, 6 and 7 observe RADM. Harcassle's inspection.
From the Blue Angels, numbers 3, LT. Jenny "QB" Kaz, 6, LCDR. Elspeth "Torch" Westminster, 7, CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron, and 8, LCDR. An "Mistell" Rainbow were present. The new single seat Cougars received the seal of approval for service with the Navy Flight Demonstration Team and will continue the Blue Angels tradition of excellence in flight the "two-up" Cougars established.

RADM. Harcassle gears himself up before boarding #7.
Preflight starts. Angel 8 was in charge of GOPS and ATC in the tower.
The guests observe the warm up from building A's terrace with Angels 3 and 6.
CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron is Angel 7 alpha, Narrator and PR for the N.F.D.T., serving also as Slot and Opposing Solo alternate in the team, she is in charge of taking V.I.P.'s on these rides, and this one was a Hotel Sierra type of ride. LCDR. An "Mistell" Rainbow, Angel 8 alpha, Events Coordinator/Ground Ops Coordinator, serving also as alternate Right Wing, was in charge of ground operations and air traffic control for this flight over Miramar.
Angels 3 and 6, LT. Jenny "QB" Kaz and LCDR. Elspeth "Torch" Westminster, observed from the main building terrace with the guests (Shown in the photo above are LCDR.'s Dehner and Harcassle). "QB" held "No Balls" close, as usually, and yes, CDR. Kron did pet her before the flight.

Radio communications from preflight check to take off:

[2016/12/29 14:27] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: Preflight complete
[2016/12/29 14:28] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: BA ATC, Angel 7 static permission to taxi to 36 L and TO for VIP Ride with RADM Harcassle
[2016/12/29 14:28] :: {NASM} LCDR An "Mistell" Rainbow - Angel 6 (Anan Ariantho): Angel 7, NASM ATC clear to taxi to 36L. hold on short stop.

[2016/12/29 14:29] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: Copy that ATC, taxi to 36 L and stop
[2016/12/29 14:29] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: Angel 7 rolling

[2016/12/29 14:31] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: ATC, 7 hot and static
[2016/12/29 14:32] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: Permission to Take off
[2016/12/29 14:32] :: {NASM} LCDR An "Mistell" Rainbow - Angel 6 (Anan Ariantho): Angel 7, NASM ATC six sim pattern is clear, take off when ready over.
[2016/12/29 14:32] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: Thank you ATC
[2016/12/29 14:32] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: Angel 7 is changing it's Call Sign to FLEET ONE
[2016/12/29 14:33] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: Fleet CO on board
[2016/12/29 14:33] :: {NASM} LCDR An "Mistell" Rainbow - Angel 6 (Anan Ariantho): FLEET ONE, NASM ATC roger.

[2016/12/29 14:33] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: FLEET ONE taking off  (...)

"Full dirty" inverted pass over Miramar's 18/36 axis. "Cougar" and "Izzy".
RADM. Harcassle experienced some of the maneuvers performed by the Blue Angels Solos and Diamond such as the "Dirty Roll" on take off, the "Dirty Loop" and "High Speed Roll", the "Vertical Roll", the "Dirty Inverted Pass", the "Knife" and the "Section High Alpha Pass".
"Izzy" did A-OK and was able to deplane on his own when the F9 Cougar was secured by hangar A. No paper bags were required during the 23 minute ride.

[2016/12/29 14:56] Izzy Harcassle stands up super slowly and cool like Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor.

RADM. "Izzy" Harcassle talks to the officers on deck by hangar A after the ride.
In the photo above, from port side:
CDR. Kron, RADM. Harcassle, LCDR. Harcassle and the Harcassle twins!, LCDR. Dehner,
LCDR. Westminster, LCDR. Rainbow and ENS. O'Mara 


The V.I.P. Ride was a success and the Blue Angels now can proudly say their High Commander flew like one of them. Hooyah. A few days later, during the New Year's Eve celebrations at N.S.T.C., the RADM was awarded his V.I.P. Ride certificate and a special gift from all the Angels: a Blue Angels guest helmet with two stars and the signed call signs of all the 2016 last composition team members on the visor guard.

RADM Isaac Harcassle receives the certificate and the signed guest helmet at NSTC from CDR. Kron, few minutes into 2017.
The guest helmet case and the team's 75 Years 2016 V.I.P. Ride certificate awarded.
Detail of the guest helmet case, similar to the ones NFDT aviators get on admission.
The Navy Flight Demonstration Team wishes Rear Admiral Isaac Harcassle all the best in the New Year and express the most sincere gratitude for all the support Third Fleet has given the team all through 2016.
Go "Izzy"! Go Navy!

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron
Angel 7

Photos by CDR. Asra Kron and LCDR. An Rainbow

Saturday, December 24, 2016

2016 Miramar 3rd Fleet Christmas Run

Patron 4 Embraer E/D-120 AK-901, BuNo 16034, being loaded with gift dispensers at Miramar, 12/24/16

'Tis the Season...
As planned, the Patron 4 AK-901 was loaded and initiated the 2016 Miramar 3rd Fleet Christmas Run, covering all locations where 3rd Fleet has a foothold. Present as part of this entirely voluntary detail were LCDR. An "Mistell" Rainbow, LT. Jenny "QB" Kaz and CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron. Also along for the ride was ENS. Declan "Raven" O'Mara, who was a great addition considering the amount of folded dispensers we had to haul on the E/D-120. The configuration of some of the installations we were to drop by excluded the use of one of the N.A.S.M. VR-54 Hercules.
Here is the photographic record and report of the mission. 

Note: As usually, click on the images to see enlarged version.

                 Top: Busy N.A.S.M. East Apron on Christmas Eve. The folded dispensers fit in the AK-901 cargo area perfectly.                   Bottom: ENS O'Mara joins the detail just in time to haul dispensers. The crew good to go Ho-Ho-Ho.

First stop: N.R.S. Oryx, Corsica, just across the Aldabra Sea from Miramar. The Christmas gifts dispensers were delivered to the station commander, LCDR. Alli Eberdeen, and placed by the station's arrival area, near the front entrance to the main building. "We come bearing gifts, and we are not Greek!"
Good weather, just a little turbulence before landing, a cordial welcome and pleasant visit, as Oryx always provides, and the AK-901 was ready to take off for the second leg of the run. As expected, the short runway was just about right for the E/D-120 and the reversed thrust on touchdown managed to avoid the rotors parked by the strip. Take off was not a problem.

LCDR. Eberdeen welcoming the "Flying Reindeer" at N.R.S.O. and the gift dispensers in position.

Facing severe weather half way to N.S.T.C. Nautilus, the crew was forced to recover at the airport of destination, Southern Cross, where fixed wings visiting the Training Center can land and take off. Due to the nature of the day, we found no CO's present and had to postpone the placement of the dispensers that need to be set to 3rd Fleet group to operate. Auto return has been known to send stuff back so better safe than sorry! After a quick check, the AK-901 was ready for the long third leg to Avignon.

At Southern Cross, by NSTC. In the E/D-120, LT. Kaz and ENS. O'Mara watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas".

The flight to N.A.F. Avignon, Satori, was smooth at 500 meters ASL, and weather permitted an uneventful trip. As N.A.F.A. also had no CO's present the crew made a short stop to refuel and secure the AK-901. The next leg would be out of her reach. N.B.N.V., in Cumberland.

 Arriving at North Valley. The Christmas detail salutes N.B.N.V. CO, LCDR. Harcassle. Mission accomplished.
At Naval Base North Valley, Cumberland, we were greeted by the local CO, LCDR. Daniella Harcassle, CWO Natalia Arevelo and Mr. Mac Gaelyth. The place seems to have extreme weather as well and snow was way above 6 inches! A problem Tuarua Fiji does not know, but a few miss during this season. Warm reception by the local officers and a lovely visit that we will repeat soon in an attire that fits both aircraft cockpits and Navy regulations better. The dispensers were placed on a strategic location right past the main gate and all got their gifts. Big smiles on, the crew clicked their Navy issued boot heels three times and poofed to Miramar.

There's no place like home, but it's not Kansas to us. The crew on the last stop with the dispensers placed at Miramar.

The Christmas Run is meant to be the first of many to come in future years and from Miramar we extend to all 3rd Fleet members, their families and friends sincere wishes of a bright and merry Christmas. It is our privilege to serve in this Fleet and this Navy. Hooyah.

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron

Thursday, December 22, 2016

VF-84's Last Patrol of 2016

Skull and Bones AJ-201 and AJ-202 in the Coconut Pipe, Tuarua Fiji, December 22.

December 22, 2016, Skull & Bones AJ-201 and AJ-202 went out for a last patrol in 2016. CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron, sqdrn. leader, and LCDR. Skarah "Hit Girl" Zane, sqdrn. XO, flew a Tuarua Fiji air space patrol to TFIA and back. LCDR. An "Mistell" Rainbow flew as RIO on the 201 with her Nikon remote camera.

This is the radio transcript from the mission, broadcasted on Tuner A to hail 3rd fleet on this last patrol of 2016. Happy Holidays!

AJ-201, BuNo 16021GA and AJ-202, BuNo 16023GA ready flight at NASM, 12/22/16

[2016/12/22 09:10] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Cougar 201 and Hit Girl 202 TO NASM Tuarua Fiji airspace patrol TFIA and back.
[2016/12/22 09:12] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: 201 rolling to 36 L, 202 take 36 R
[2016/12/22 09:12] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Mark
[2016/12/22 09:12] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): copy that
[2016/12/22 09:13] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): 202 static on 36 R
[2016/12/22 09:14] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: copy 201 static brakes on throttle up 65% - 45% cruise after TO climb to angels 100 on starboard break to Ascalapha, confirm.
[2016/12/22 09:15] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): copy
[2016/12/22 09:16] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Cougar on the run

AJ-201 and AJ-202 over the Aldabra Sea, 12/22/16 (remote photo LCDR An "Mistell" Rainbow)

[2016/12/22 09:18] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Cougar in the pipe one eight zero 5 by 5
[2016/12/22 09:19] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): copy, 202 is with you
[2016/12/22 09:19] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Roger that 202

[2016/12/22 09:20] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: 201 off the pipe turning to landing pattern
[2016/12/22 09:21] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: 201 breaking to Port
[2016/12/22 09:22] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): 202 break
[2016/12/22 09:23] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Cougar has the ball
[2016/12/22 09:23] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): comm check
[2016/12/22 09:23] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Copy 202
[2016/12/22 09:24] :: SLFI Runway 09: Private IM: Landing score for X4Ten Resident: 95.25, piloting a: F-14A Tomcat V1.0.1
[2016/12/22 09:24] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): on hold Chalands Isle
[2016/12/22 09:24] :: {NASM} Ltcdr An "Mistell" Rainbow (Anan Ariantho): 202 Land
[2016/12/22 09:25] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): 202 break and land TFIA

AJ-201 and AJ-202 on the tarmac at Tuarua Fiji International, 12/22/16

[2016/12/22 09:26] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Cougar paws dry at TFIA
[2016/12/22 09:27] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): 202 taxi to parking
[2016/12/22 09:27] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: copy that 202
[2016/12/22 09:27] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: 201 static on the tarmac

[2016/12/22 09:28] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: ready to go home 202?
[2016/12/22 09:29] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): 202 is ready in a sec
[2016/12/22 09:29] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: copy that 202
[2016/12/22 09:30] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): good to go
[2016/12/22 09:31] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Copy that looks like you may have a RIO on the way back - hold one
[2016/12/22 09:31] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): nice picture Mistell, thank you!
[2016/12/22 09:31] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: No go on your RIO, Hit Girl. Closing canopy.
[2016/12/22 09:32] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): copy
[2016/12/22 09:34] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Cougar 201 rolling TO TFIA Tuarua Fiji airspace patrol to NASM, 202 echelon right on runway 27 to take off.
[2016/12/22 09:34] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): copy

[2016/12/22 09:35] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): 202 in position
[2016/12/22 09:36] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: copy that 202 brakes on throttle up to 65, 45 after TO break long starboard towards the Pipe, climbing to angels 100.
[2016/12/22 09:36] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: confirm.
[2016/12/22 09:37] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): roger
[2016/12/22 09:37] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Cougar on the run.

AJ-202 and AJ-201 in the Coconut Pipe homeward bound, 12/22/16

[2016/12/22 09:39] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: 201 recovering
[2016/12/22 09:39] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Cougar in the Pipe heading three six zero 5 by 5
[2016/12/22 09:40] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: speed 45 steady angels 88 AGL 108 ASL
[2016/12/22 09:41] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): copy, hit girl is following, port side
[2016/12/22 09:41] :: ((Missions)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: take my starboard wing Hit Girl
[2016/12/22 09:41] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): roger
[2016/12/22 09:41] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): 202 in position
[2016/12/22 09:42] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Copy 202
[2016/12/22 09:43] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: heading 2-7-0 angels 86 AGL 106 ASL
[2016/12/22 09:43] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): copy 202 wit you
[2016/12/22 09:44] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: 201 breaking high to starboard and entering landing pattern North to South NASM bound
[2016/12/22 09:44] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Break 201
[2016/12/22 09:44] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): copy

[2016/12/22 09:46] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Cougar has the ball
[2016/12/22 09:46] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): copy 202 on hold
[2016/12/22 09:46] LandMaster Landing Analyzer: Landing score for X4Ten Resident: 84.21, piloting a: F-14A Tomcat V1.0.1
[2016/12/22 09:48] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Cougar static hangar C
[2016/12/22 09:48] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): 202 break and land 18L
[2016/12/22 09:48] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: Copy that 202

[2016/12/22 09:49] :: {NASM} ENS Yand "Monty" Tracer - NAFA (YandTracer ): NAFA Twr, Nomad 16 ready for takeoff, departure to the North

[2016/12/22 09:49] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: 201 engine shut down
[2016/12/22 09:50] LandMaster Landing Analyzer: Landing score for Skarah Zane: 90.69, piloting a: F-14A Tomcat V1.0.1
[2016/12/22 09:51] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: welcome home 202
[2016/12/22 09:51] :: {NASM} LCDR Skarah "hit girl" Zane (Skarah Zane): thank you Cougar

AJ-201 in hangar C and AJ-202 on taxi, back at Miramar, 12/22/16

[2016/12/22 09:52] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO: VF-84 flight to USN 3rd Fleet the skulls and bones wish you Happy Holidays. Cougar and Hit Girl out.

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron, LCDR. An "Mistell" Rainbow
LCDR. Skarah "hit Girl" Zane

VF-84, CVN68
N.A.S. Miramar

Happy Holidays!

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all USNSL members, their families and friends are the best wishes of the Navy Flight Demonstration Team, Blue Angels.

Blue Angels 2016 team composition - December 2016 formation.

Angel One - CDR Vickster "Speed" Kuhn - Team Leader
Angel 2 - CDRE Trans "Fire" Sands - Left Wing
Angel 3 - LT Jenny "QB" Kaz - Right Wing / Left Wing Alternate
Angel 4 - LTJG Chardy "Hinch" Oak - Slot
Angel 5 - LT Johnny "V" Five - Lead Solo
Angel 6 - LCDR Elspeth "Torch" Westminster - Opposing Solo
Angel 7 - CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Narrator / Opposing Solo and Slot Alternate
Angel 8 - LCDR An "Mistell" Rainbow - Events Coordinator, GOC / Right Wing Alternate

Enjoy the Holidays!

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron
NASMCO, Angel 7

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Detail - Part One

A Miramar Xmas detail presents AW-139 D BuNo 16059 of HSC-21 Blackjacks to RADM I. Harcassle at NSTC, Dec. 16.

RADM Isaac Harcassle ordered three new AW-139 D helicopters for HSC-21, the Blackjacks, to be stationed at NAF Avignon. The order was processed by NAS Miramar and the aircraft were registered there under BuNos 16059, 16060 and 16061. The 059 in the photo was presented as the flagship to RADM Harcassle on December 16, at NSTC Velinissimo, flown from Miramar by a "Xmas Detail" made of CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron and LTJG Chardy "Hinch" Oak, in full Season's Greetings gear!

The other two Zero Zero helicopters display a Navy Gray livery (BuNo 16060) and a Navy Ghost livery (BuNo 16061) also "2 stars" aircraft assigned to the RADM personally and as such with the distinctive unique "Jacktail" as the two tone flagship.

BuNo's 16060 and 16061 ready for delivery at Miramar, Dec. 17.

 More on Miramar "Xmas Details" to follow. Stay tuned for more. And Happy Holidays!

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Action Shot 06/16


RADM Harcassle with LCDR Dehner presenting the certificates of promotion to the awardees at NSTC.

This December 11th, promotions were awarded to several commissioned officers and enlisted personnel with USNSL Third Fleet. The ceremony took place at Naval Service Training Command at Velinissimo, RADM Isaac Harcassle presiding.

The awards later given at NAS Miramar to the two officers unable to attend.
Three Miramar officers were recognized and promoted for their outstanding service: ENS Chardy Oak, promoted to LTJG (O-2), LT's An Rainbow and Skarah Zane, both promoted to LCDR (O-4). I accepted the award for two of them who were unable to attend the ceremony and later awarded the certificates and insignia in the Main Hall at NAS Miramar for RADM Harcassle, in a smaller but meaningful event.

Congratulations to all on a job well done.

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron

Friday, November 11, 2016

Never Forget

"Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God."

May the sacrifice of all who paid the ultimate price for freedom be remembered today and in all days to come.

CDR. Asra Kron

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Air-To-Air Refueling

Air-to-air refueling exercises will take place over the Blake Sea refuel corridor all through the week. Preferred altitude 400 meters. Probe and drogue method using USAF KC-135 and USN KC-130 tankers for all AAR enabled squadrons.

Results to be published here in future updates.

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron

Friday, July 8, 2016


Taps played at Miramar with colors at half staff on July 8, 2016.

Honoring the Victims of the Attack in Dallas

As a mark of respect for the victims of the attack on police officers perpetrated on Thursday, July 7, 2016, in Dallas, Texas, the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff at NAS Miramar until sunset, July 12, 2016. Lowering of the Flag at Miramar with Taps at 1700 hrs (5:00 pm SLT). Uniform - As prescribed at each station.

CDR. Asra Sax Kron

Third Fleet Gridtalkie Guidelines

From the NASMCO Office
Notes on THIRD FLEET Gridtalkie Systems

2016-07-08 [updated 12/24/2016]

The GT (gridtalkie) Third Fleet packs are now available from RADM Harcassle or CDR Kron.

Here are the basics.

Gridtalkie is a gridwide communication system that allows you to talk with other users in the same tuner/frequency wherever they are on the grid


Gridtalkie Pack / GT Pack:
The package that is assigned to a single group with three Tuners, a preset channel, two selectable private channels and two or more global/public channels

Tuner / Frequency:
Each GT Pack has three tuners that are in fact like real life radio frequencies: A, B and C.
Tuner A is factory preset and uses the /11 prefix on local.
Tuners B and C are programmable and you can assign a channel to either.

Each GT Pack has a number of private / local and global / public channels that you can assign to tuners B and C. (see instructions below)

In each GT Pack you will find three devices. These are a discrete ear piece type - the WIRELINK - a walkie talkie type - the MILSPEC ( NASM packs use the MARINER device ) - and a headset type - the AVIATOR.
Each device and each COPY you make of a device have their own settings memorized, that means you need to configure each and each copy you may make one by one.

When to use each device:
WIRELINK - with helmets, service uniforms and any other outfits that require discrete comm links, or as an option when aboard ships for bridge officers.
The Wirelink is used 80% of the time.
MILSPEC / MARINER - Used in ground/SW ops, sailors in boats and ships, SEAL operations, sentry duty.
AVIATOR - although named Aviator, this is a heavy duty headset device, suitable for flying propeller aircraft (i.e. C-130 or EMB-120) or transport / patrol jets (i.e. P-8).


Third Fleet has three packs, all working under the Third Fleet group tag. This means you need to have the group ACTIVE for it to start working. If you do not, the device will auto detach. *

* This poses a LOT of problems with group tag dependent uniforms, like the NSTC issued NWU. You can trick your way into getting GT on with the GT group and switching to USNSL to use the uniforms but it's really glitchy and you need to always double check, reattach if you change the outfit configuration, etc. Between comms and outfits the priority is comms. That is why we don't use tag dependent uniforms at Miramar. Command will address this problem asap.

The three GT packs working under the Third Fleet tag are:
THIRD FLEET generic - can be used by anyone on Third Fleet
NAFA specific - used by NAF Avignon
NSWC specific - used by NSWC Satori in Shala

RADM Isaac Harcassle or CDR Asra Sax Kron have Third Fleet pack dispensers for all three purposes. Contact one of them to get yours.

Rez the Box and copy contents to inventory.

ADD the GT device to your uniform, and configure it by typing /11menu in local and assigning channels to tuners B and C.
TUNER A - factory preset
TUNER B - Use one of the pack's PRIVATE / LOCAL channels **
TUNER C - Use one of the GLOBAL / PUBLIC channels ***

** PRIVATE / LOCAL channels available - OPERATIONS
THIRD FLEET generic Pack: Missions 1 / Missions 2
NAFA Pack: Missions / SAR
NSWC Pack: SEAL V / Patrol

*** GLOBAL / PUBLIC channels available:

By convention in Third Fleet, BLAKE is used in the SOUTH and #16 MARINE in the NORTH. For easy determination of where you are we consider SOUTH and NORTH as follows:

SOUTH: Satori, Blake, United Sailing Sims, Nautilus SOUTH
NORTH: Nautilus NORTH, Corsica, Gaeta V

GRID ATC should be the preset for monitoring and hailing other ATC systems than 3rd Fleet's.
Please select this channel on TUNER C in all USNSL 3rd Fleet GT packs.

Type /11sethandle followed by a space and the handle you need. Conventionally we use RANK in Caps with no dot, FIRST NAME may be initial with dot, CALL SIGN between quotes, LAST NAME, hyphen, Role or Station in Caps.

Handle examples:

CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - NASMCO
LTJG A. "Mistell" Rainbow - Angel 8
ENS Yand "Monty" Tracer - NASM

Handles are limited to 36 characters including spaces, so abbreviate first names when needed.

Each device has an individual configuration, so you may create copies otr use different devices for use with different uniforms used in different missions.
For instance you can set your handle on a particular device to have your ROLE rather than your STATION.

Trouble shooting:
Most GT problems are solved by detaching and reattaching the device. Don't panic. Also make sure you are wearing Third Fleet group.

A complete Gridtalkie Class is available at NAS Miramar. Check notices for schedules.

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

VF week at Miramar

This week at Miramar we are getting our VF squadrons some much needed practice in the patrol and intercept roles. VF-84 and VF-154 will be flying pairs and trios, "cat and mouse" and navigation exercises along with Third Fleet route verification. Radar Intercept Officers will team up as needed.

The Jolly Rogers will also bring the McDonnel Douglas F-4 J Phantom II's up to speed in preparation for 7th Fleet operations, together with the Black Knights Douglas TA-4 J Skyhawk's in combat configuration.

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron

Monday, July 4, 2016

FLY FOR LIFE - July 4th - Blake Sea

A Relay For Life event, touch poster for SLUR to location.

The Blue Angels will show at the FLY FOR LIFE event during the Second Life 4th of July celebrations. Together with other Flight Demonstration teams, like SL Patrouille de France, Team Phoenix and the Brazilian Smoke Squadron, the Blue Angels will be flying over the Blake Sea, North of Crows Nest.

This will take place on the 4th of July, at 1800 hours SLT (6 pm).
SLUR to the airshow area here or on the poster above!

FLY FOR LIFE is a Relay for Life related event and we will be flying for a noble cause.

Here is some information from FLY FOR LIFE organization:

Blake Sea 4th July Party
Celebrating the 4th of July! Four full prim regions in the Blake Sea. Come moor your boat or land your plane and join us for a day of celebrating life and fighting back against cancer.

Fly For Life, Sail For Life, and SL Coast Guard RFL teams are joining forces

    ★ Fireworks at the top of every hour & grand finale fireworks, end of the day
    ☆ Live music & DJs
    ★ Waterslide, swimming & diving
    ☆ Boat rides
    ★ Airplane rides
    ☆ Coastguard demonstrations
    ★ Airshows

After Day Two of the TFIA ID4 Airshow, the Blue Angels will assemble at and take off from Komatsu Air Base ( SBIA - South Blake International Airport ).

See you there!

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron
NFDT Angel 7

USNSL . Third Fleet . 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016

... And kill Migs.

Ensign Francis "Doc" Smith, credited with his first Mig kill flying as RIO with Lieutenant John Sheridan

Upon completion of his Naval Flight Officer course, as he was flying is certification mission as LT. John Sheridan's radar intercept officer, the exam became more real as they were engaged by a NVA MiG 21. The ensuing air encounter resulted in the MiG's destruction. Mission report below.
He has earned the first MiG killer star on his helmet.
Congratulations on the achievement of your NFO qualification and on your first MiG kill, Ensign Smith. Hooyah!

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron


Off the board mission report (MR)
2016 / 06 / 30


Aviator/Seaman:Lieutenant John Sheridan
Aircraft/Boat/Ship:McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II

Crew (fill after the descriptor in this section only)
Co-Pilot / Navigator / Instructor: NFO Ensign Francis Adam Smith
Flight / Boat mechanic:
SAR Diver:
Flight surgeon / Medic:


Mission Type
Patrol [ ]    GOTO [ ]    SAR [ ]    Practice [ ]
Combat [X]     Escort [ ]     RECON [ ]    Other [X] *
* Describe "Other":
Practical NFO exercise

Mission Area
Tuarua [ ]     Blake [ ]      Corsica [ ]   
Nautilus [ ]      Satori [ ]      Jeogeot [ ]
* Other : Gulf of Tonkin

Local of initial take off and time (SLT):
Aprox. 11AM SLT
CV-63 USS Kitty Hawk


The USS Kitty Hawk radar crew spotted an enemy MiG 21 Fishbed heading towards South Vietnam borders where our Marine troops were stationed.
Lieutenant John Sheridan was assigned to intercept that hostile aircraft we immediately took off heading south towards the border,
where we spotted the hostile aircraft preparing to engage our grounded troops when Lieutenant Sheridan did an swift maneuver placing the F-4 on the hostile MiG back giving myself a chance to lock-on the AIM9 Sidewinder that hit the MiG's engines setting it on fire.
A few moments later we noticed the MiG pilot ejected and the plane crashed on Phu Yen proximity.
It was a confirmed kill.

Local of final landing and time (SLT):
CV-63 USS Kitty Hawk

Mission status:
Complete [ x]      Ongoing [ ]      Aborted [ ]

Signature:Ensign Smith

Saturday, June 25, 2016

ATC Basic Class at NAS Miramar

This class is taking place today at 1400 hours.

Air Traffic Control Basic Class
Instructor: CDR. Asra Sax Kron, NASMCO
Estimated duration: 1.5 hours
Location: N.A.S. Miramar Main - Du Sud Isle - Building B, Briefing room

Attendees: USNSL pilots, aircrews and ATC personnel, NSTC students aiming for those roles.
Prerequisites: None.
Follow up: ATC intermediate and advanced classes and evaluation in action.

1. ATC communication types in SL.
2. ATC radar types in SL.
3. Aircraft identification.
4. On the ground.
5. In the air.

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron

Thursday, June 23, 2016

All things considered

Coming close to another Independence Day, I decided to pledge publicly to my Fleet and the United States Navy SL while sharing how I see the United States Navy role play in Second Life. So to start with, and to make absolutely clear where I stand, I pledge my loyalty to the United States Navy SL and her Third Fleet and my commanding officer, RADM Isaac Levitt Harcassle. I was one of the senior officers who proposed and endorsed his promotion to Admiral and would do it again in a heart beat. RADM Harcassle is doing a great job as our Fleet commander as well as the coordinator of USNSL efforts to bring more and more USN inspired groups into the fold. So my loyalty is first and foremost to the structure I am part of, its command and its members, from RADM Harcassle to the last MIDN to be inducted into the Naval Service Training Center.

We move as a whole, following directives we all in one way or another help put together - from senior officers in command meetings to even midshipmen while taking their classes, we all participate and contribute to establish these directives in different but equally important ways. This means, of course, the directives are in place for the benefit of Third Fleet. Now what does this mean in the global USN role play in SL setting?

So far, and as part of RADM Harcassle vision, USNSL group has been and is still used as both an operational and an informative/formative group. Operational groups are 100% in character groups (ICG) while informative/formative groups are a mix of ICG and out of character groups (OOCG). There is no real distinction at the moment between USNSL and Third Fleet in this vision, however, with the most welcomed incorporation into USNSL group of more and more USN role players from other USN inspired groups from all time lines, this situation poses a number of problems in my view.

So here is how I see it.
Having operations and informative/formative roles in the same group is confusing. Case in point, the separation from USNSL of NSTC. NSTC is a mixed ICG/OOCG however it is confusing enough to have Officer Candidate School (OCS) and Recruit Training Command (RTC) related chatter and notices in other groups. This is a local example of the benefit of separation even between 100% ICG's. When it gets to USNSL and the myriad of USN inspired group members in it it gets even more beneficial. Take USN 7th Fleet. You never see a call to arms, a scramble or any action related communications on USNSL channels, be it group chat or notices, and that is correct. For a LTJG doing OOD duty at NAFA, the fact that a NVA Mig is flying too close to the Kitty Hawk is irrelevant, as it is irrelevant for a Marine pilot about to take off from Phu Yen that the Blue Angels are taking NAS Miramar for practice. Those are local operational matters that do not belong in a OOCG, especially one that aggregates so many different types of USN inspired group members.
We do see USN 7th Fleet related notices and group chat messages in USNSL related to events or classes and that is perfect - the informative/formative role. We also find out when something relevant in operations has happened or will happen in the various groups that justifies a general notification, such as an outstanding action in the line of duty, an event worthy of mention, classes open to all USN inspired group members. That is the "News" aspect of the informative/formative role. And to me that is what USNSL group is for.

Recently I proposed to RADM Harcassle the creation of a 100% operational ICG for Third Fleet. Exactly as 7th Fleet has. That allows us in Third Fleet to have our operations separate from the other USN inspired groups in terms of real time operational events. This will aggregate all unit, station and facility group members in Third Fleet, leaving USNSL group as a pure informative/formative group that gathers all USN inspired groups willing to become part of the USN role playing community in Second Life in an organized fashion, working together towards a common goal, learning from each group experience and sharing more and more common traits as we move forward - from codes to career progression to knowledge acquired and how to learn it.
In a nutshell, operational groups are mainly real time operations with dedicated operational based information and formation, while informative/formative groups are mainly "news groups" where you find general interest matters covered in character as well as out of character but always in a global fashion.
Gathering students and attendees for an upcoming open class or announcing a relevant event like an airshow falls into both categories, operational and informative/formative, while scrambling pilots to search and rescue falls into the operational category only.

So what am I getting at?
Do I believe all USN inspired groups should be represented in a Mother Group such as USNSL group? Yes I do. Is that even possible? No it is not. Should it be attempted in the hope that many like minded people role playing USN inspired parts have access to a global view of what is going on with similar groups? Absolutely. Yes.
This is my view: A large all eras and branches United States Navy inspired group gathering people for informative/formative purposes only, leaving the 100% operational/action roles to the 100% in character groups. Much like the real life navy we portray, ICG's can have directly affiliated sub-groups  - Third Fleet has several, like NSTC and NASM. ICG's sharing common or overlapping timelines/eras can have joint operations (CVN-63/7th Fleet era overlaps NAS Miramar's, for example). Others would just have joint informative/formative events (NAS Firespire is WW2 and much as I like the idea of Tomcats fending off the Zeros on their way to Pearl Harbor, that's not a day to day scenario we can role play consistently).

So there you have it. This is how I would like to move forward. It is my view. Of course it would require adaptation and adjustment, but so will any form of cooperative effort that has the purpose of gathering like minded role players in USN inspired groups all over Second Life, no matter what that form is. To end much in the same way I started this open letter of sorts, let me place the emphasis on my loyalty to Third Fleet and its command and members, and remind readers that this is food for thought that hopefully will get us all thinking of ways to better cooperate and act in a United States Navy inspired environment in Second Life. As commanding officer of one of Third Fleet's stations I am bound by honor and duty to my command structure and my path will always follow the path of the Fleet I serve in. Go Navy! Hooyah!


CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron
Third Fleet, USNSL

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Uniform of the Day - N.A.S. Miramar

CDR. Asra Kron and our one and only CPO Black demonstrating the NWU / ACU at the main gate.

All stations:

There are several status notices displayed on both sides of the guard house by the main gate at Miramar - on the electronic boards placed on each side - and one of them is the "Uniform of the Day" status. Used to get us all on the same page upon arrival at Miramar, you should check the board and gear up accordingly. Obviously, pilots and flight officers can use their flight suits at all times unless attending official events in and out of N.A.S. Miramar. If you are not flying use the prescribed uniform of the day.

The extended periods to which a uniform of the day apply serve the purpose of getting new arrivals who do not yet have their uniforms up to Miramar standards set up to speed. If you are one of them, seek a senior officer for guidance and take the opportunity to get your uniforms sorted out and saved correctly as outfits. Direct any questions to your CO.

CDR. Asra Sax Kron

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wings of Gold

So you are out of OCS and you have your Basic Flight done... And you ask yourself "Are we there yet?" The answer is simple. No, you are not. Not yet. But you are getting there.

Earn your wings. 
The Wings of Gold are granted to an elite group of pilots who can become Naval Aviators. It takes  training and dedication to earn your wings, but if you're dedicated to a career as a pilot, it's a good long term goal.
  • After completing flight school and preliminary training, you will enter an intermediate training phase. This builds upon what was learned in basic training. [see here for detail]
  • After intermediate training, you will move on to advanced training. This includes mission specifics and allows you to truly specialize in one type of aviation device. [see here for detail]
  • Once you've completed intermediate and advanced training, you can earn your wings and become a Naval Aviator. [see here for detail] 
When you enroll with Third Fleet you will go through Intermediate Flight Training (IFTR) at N.A.S. Miramar - This will allow you to go through more specific training in fixed and rotary wing aircraft and give you more advanced notions of flight theory in SL which you then proceed to apply in your active duty squadrons. If you are a jet pilot, then you will need Carrier Ops Certification, which we share with 7th Fleet, along with a number of advanced classes in flight (AFTR), such as formation flight which you will get through your service with your squadron. In addition or alternatively you may choose the Naval Flight Officer's path (NFO), which will allow you to operate the other systems of rotary and fixed wing aircraft - RIO, Co-pilot, Navigator, SAR operator, etc.) That is another program altogether, and a very needed one. You should consider the Naval Flight Officer option leaving OCS. Every Maverick needs a Goose.

Left to right: Naval Aviator short form, Naval Aviator Fleet and Naval Flight Officer short form certificates (SAMPLES).

So the question begs to be asked: "What if I was already flying Navy before? And I have no certification?" Chances are you do. Send your naval record to Admiral Isaac Harcassle. Make sure you include your deployments by years and commanding officers by units and also the date on which you were assigned active flight status with a USN squadron as carrier pilot, NFO, rotary wing pilot or propeller aircraft pilot. Fleet will examine your case and if you have a naval record that justifies it your Wings of Gold cert will be issued retroactively, what we call a Naval Aviator Retroactive Certificate. That will give you proof of your Naval Aviator status. This is valid for experienced OCS attendees who served in the past and currently active duty Third Fleet officers O-3 and higher.

CDR. Vickster Kühn's Naval Aviator Retroactive Certificate

Want to find out more about IFTR and AFTR requirements send your inquiries to Naval Air Training Command (N.A.T.C.) at N.A.S. Miramar - to the attention of LTJG. An Rainbow.
More to come on this subject. Stay tuned.

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

NAS Miramar in SL Aviation Magazine

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron, Angel 7, presents Gen. Luke Flywalker his V.I.P. Ride certificate after his Blue Angels flight.

The Blue Angels must be doing something right. Following the inspiration from the real life NFDT acting as ambassadors to U.S.N.S.L. and raising awareness to the institution and its roles, we caught General Luke Flywalker's eye and he proposed to do a shoot at Miramar for SL Aviation Magazine.
He had already filmed the Blue Angels at the CinSal airshow at Agrippa, on May 14, for SL Aviation Magazine number 46 (see here). More on this as the N.A.S. Miramar issue is released.

After the tour, General Flywalker was given a V.I.P. Ride aboard Blue Angel 7, flown by CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron. He was the first to take an official V.I.P. Ride and the first to be presented with the respective certificate - which this year is a special 70th Anniversary edition.

The United States Navy SL, N.A.S. Miramar and the Navy Flight Demonstration Team wish to extend their gratitude to General Flywalker for taking an interest in their activities and for making them known to the general public through SL Aviation Magazine. Thank you, Sir!

See SL Aviation Magazine issue 48 here.

Go Navy!

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron
NASMCO, Angel 7