Monday, November 27, 2017

2017 Blue Angels Formation Grid Flight

2017 BA FGF Flight Plan [updated 2017/12/02]

SATURDAY 2017/12/02 - 11:00 AM PACIFIC TIME

Welcome to the 2017 Blue Angels Formation Grid Flight.
This is the flight plan for the long range flight from Gaeta V to Satori. The stops are "Check Points" on land and the markers are control locations along the flight path.

Participating teams can be military or civilian, aerobatic or regular squadrons, but must fly same model fixed wing or tilt rotor aircraft. No fixed rotors allowed (helicopters).

The objective is to reach the destination and land with as many planes in the formation as possible. Formations can have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 aircraft.
The factors that determine the ranking are time and endurance. A fast team that arrives with less planes than it started with may lose positions to a slower team that makes it with all the planes.
There is however a time limit for completing the flight and the formations must fly between 70 and 420 meters AGSL (Second Life ground altitude), or 50 to 400 meters ASL.
Routes are your choice and there are sometimes markers at two locations (example: Marker 01 North / Marker 01 South). Formations must be controlled at each marker, Marker 01, Marker 02, Marker 03, etc. When there are optional markers you only have to pass one (example: Marker 01 North will count as Marker 01). Choice of route depends on favoring speed or safety, but you should hit each MARKER in formation as described above.
Take offs must be executed safely. If you wish to follow your squadron/team take off layout (multiple planes taking off at once) you can, depending on local conditions, but plane by plane take off and formation assembly in the air is recommended.
Landings must always be executed plane by plane - no formation landings, since this is not a demonstration and safety comes first.


Shana Carpool Aircraft & Outcast Industries are offering the winner an aircraft as prize. The team will pick a pilot to get the prize and he/she can choose any aircraft from Shana Carpool's available models.


Each formation gets 20 points for:
- Taking off on schedule from starting point
- Passing through a marker in formation
- Landing on a check point
- Taking off from a check point
- Arriving at the destination and landing

Check point bonus:
Each check point owner/manager on duty will choose the squadron/team who best shows ground discipline between landing and take off. The chosen ones, if any, may get 10 bonus points (team bonus) per check point.

Penalties are as follows:
A - Penalties applied per plane (penalty x missing planes)
- Missing planes in the formation at markers = -1 point
- Missing planes landing on a check point = -2 points
- Landing on a wrong runway = -2 points
- Missing planes taking off from a check point = -1 point
- Taking off from the wrong runway = -2 points
- Missing planes arriving at the destination = -2 points
- Flying above the ceiling on markers = -5 points
B - Penalties applied to squadron/team (single penalty to group)
- Formation misses a marker = -25 points
- Formation misses a check point = -25 points

Squadrons/teams with same amount of points will break the tie by time spent.


An Rainbow (anan.ariantho)
DOC Bambi Baxter (biffbottom)
Eliza Belis (elizabodrum)

When there is an alternative MARKER flight leaders MUST contact a controller and state which marker they are passing ahead of time.


CEILING: 420 meters AGSL / 400 meters ASL
DECK: 70 meters AGSL / 50 meters ASL

EXCEPTION (to allow the First Check Point use):
After Marker 01 and before Marker 02:
CEILING: 1200 meters AGSL / 1180 meters ASL
DECK: 70 meters AGSL / 50 meters ASL

Brazilian Naval Aviation Base - Tonkinese - Gaeta V
Altitude 351 m
Runway 09/27 - Take off 09
Rez: Yes / Return: 30 minutes

Location Landmark SLUR
Take the Teleport at the Naval Base to the Naval Air Base.


Arimto Airport - Arimto - GAETA V
Altitude 1001 m
Runway 18/36 - Landing 36 / Take off 18
LANDING touch down SLUR below:
Rez: Yes REZ ZONE* / Return: 30 minutes
*REZ ZONE: Arimto parcel - Point SLUR below

Location Landmark SLUR


Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cabaniss Field - Eldfell - CORSICA
Altitude 102 m
Runway 18/36 - Landing 36 / Take off 18
LANDING touch down SLUR below:
Rez: Yes / Return: off

Location Landmark SLUR

CinSal Airport - Agrippa - NAUTILUS
Altitude 46 m
Runways 18L/36R / 18R/36L - Landing 36L / Take off 18L
LANDING touch down SLUR below:
Rez: Yes / Return: 15 minutes

Location Landmark SLUR


Jackson Valley Regional Airport - Balista - NAUTILUS
Altitude 46 m
Runway 12/30 / Landing & Take off alternate - check local conditions
LANDING on 12 touch down SLUR below:
LANDING on 30 touch down SLUR below:
Rez: Yes / Return: 90 minutes

Location Landmark SLUR


Luxor International Airport - Tseshkovsky - SATORI
Altitude 65 m
Runway 18/36 / Landing 18 / Take off 36
LANDING touch down SLUR below:
Rez: Yes / Return: 30 minutes

Location Landmark SLUR


Gumbold Regional Airport - Gumbold - SATORI
Altitude 28 m
Runways 09/27 & 18/36 / Landing 09 / Take off 27
LANDING touch down SLUR below:
Rez: Yes / Return: 30 minutes

Location Landmark SLUR

Please send in your participation confirmation in a notecard with the squadron/team name, number of planes in the formation and participating pilot names.
Remember there must be at least two aircraft and no more than six in each squadron/team.

Blue Skies.

CAPT. Asra "Cougar" Kron *
SL USN Blue Angels XO, Angel 7

* Contact in world: Asra Kron (x4ten resident)

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving at Cougar's

This year's Thanksgiving Dinner at Cougar's Sore Bottom Sailing Club, NAS Miramar's clubhouse and open house to all air and sea travelers, took place this Thursday and the day was long and well spent in the company of those who could make it to Miramar. Cougar's has been from day one, almost two years ago, the stage for many memorable moments, from casual drinks after a mission to balls and even a wedding, but this was definitely one of the finest.

Spread evenly throughout the day, three dinners were served and I am glad I cooked enough for everybody, especially the French guests from the Patrouille de France who showed as the second party after practice and (as requested) brought the required appetite! Among the guests were my better half, Asp Grelling, Eagles Nest/Miramar's own Blues, CAPT. Vickster Kühn, LCDR. An Rainbow and LTJG. Matter Blueskind, 7th Fleet CV-63's skipper, CAPT. Sidney Pobieski, her XO, CDR. Helena Stenvaag, and her chief medical officer and Blue Angels intern, LCDR. Bambi Baxter, Virtual Coast Guard's XO, VADM. Eliza Belis, SLMC's Colonel Jade Kangas, our friends Ms. Valerie Patterson, CinSal Airport manager and Quinn Avery, dog reporter extraordinaire, and some of our French friends from the PAF SL, Col. Rhea Thor, Lcl. Paterne Lefavre, Col. Mara Klaber, Cdt. Myrisse Loon, Cne. T'Sar Kanto, Cne. Patoulou and Lt. Chipounne.

The success of this event that so many friends could not attend due to real life begs for more so we hope to welcome you next year for more turkey and puff's! The complete photo coverage will be in permanence on the right hand column of this weblog. Click the image link below to go to the photo coverage page.

Thank you all who came to Cougar's and made the day so special and a big hug to all who could not attend but were on our minds and hearts. Thank you for a very happy Thanksgiving!

CAPT. Asra "Cougar" Kron

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thank you 7th Fleet

CAPT. Sidney Pobieski, the USS Kitty Hawk's Skipper, after unveiling the plaque at NAF Eagles Nest.

On November 16, CAPT. Sidney Pobieski was at NAF Eagles Nest, home of the Blue Angels, to unveil the plaque offered by the USS Kitty Hawk to mark the Blues participation in this year's Veterans Day celebrations that took place aboard the Battle Cat (see here). A initiative by LCDR. Bambi Baxter, the plaque is set in the Blues award wall inside NAFEN's main building. Attending the simple but meaningful occasion were CAPT.'s Vickie Kühn and Asra Kron, NFDT's CO and XO, LTJG. Matter Blueskind, as Angel 3, and from the Kitty Hawk and 7th Fleet we were pleased to have the unexpected visit of RADM. Yan Aboubakar, who joined CAPT. Pobieski, CDR. Helena Stenvaag, CV-63's XO, and the "culprit" LCDR. Baxter.

 As the plaque was about to be unveiled, CAPT. Pobieski offered these words:
"On behalf of the USS Kitty Hawk and Task Force 77, I would like to present this plaque as an expression of our appreciation for participating in our 2017 Veteran's Day observances, and for the fine work you do in raising Naval Aviation to standards unexceeded anywhere."
Although it is the Navy Flight Demonstration Team's job to fly all over Second Life's grid and attend SL Navy inspired events as the ambassador squadron of the Fleet, we were touched by this singular gesture that, as simple as it was, meant a lot to all the Blues.
The Blue Angels Boss, CAPT. Kühn, expressed our feelings well:
" Thank you Captain Pobieski, on behalf of the Blue Angels I accept this plaque with gratitude, both for the plaque itself and for the opportunity to serve."
Thank you 7th Fleet.

CAPT. Asra Kron
Angel 7

Monday, November 13, 2017

New Hornets close to Demo Ready Version

BuNo 163435 F/A-18C test 88-2 in Miramar's hangar B with BuNo 163451 by her side.

The Navy Flight Demonstration Team Blue Angels are flying their last season with the 1955 Grumman F9F-6 and F9F-8T Cougars. Development of Demo Ready Version 01 (DRV01) of the new Boeing F/A-18C Hornet is underway, soon to be followed by the new F/A-18D two seat. The Blues Boss, together with Angel 7, are now on the critical engines fine tuning stage, with minimal structural changes being applied still.

The whole team is eager to get the Hornets but, with the exception of the two newbies, LCDR. Doc "BamBam" Baxter and LTJG. Matter "Hawk" Blueskind, they will all miss the Cougars dearly, as the current demo planes are retired to secondary role in the 2018 Season after two years of exceptional service.

Today, Angels 1 and 4 aircraft performed a test flight from NAS Miramar to Fiji Islands Airport (ex-TFIA), where the last demo of the 2017 season will take place. This will be the last time the Cougars fly as the Squadron's front line demo jet. The Cougars will remain optional with the team for heritage appearances. Captain Vickster "Speed" Kühn and Captain Asra "Cougar" Kron had already flown together in earlier test versions at Daystar, during practice for the local air show (see here), but this was the first open skies flight check with the new Hornets. And it was sweet. Check below and as usual click to enlarge the photos.

Tight formation. The Hornets will put a whole new game on.
"Cougar" brings it in flying right wing for "Speed" over the Aldabra Sea.
Flying paint. Inside the 18 inches envelope, canopy to wing tip.
The two test 88 Hornets at FIA after the flight. Almost there!

A huge thank you to Shana Carpool, Angel Zero and the SL USN Blue Angels exclusive aircraft provider, for months of development with these brand new frames and engines (see here).

CAPT. Asra "Cougar" Kron
Angel 7

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Newbie on deck - LTJG. M. Blueskind

LTJG. Matter "Hawk" Blueskind is welcomed into the Blues fold, wearing the suit for the first time, 11/12/2017.

After a long and distinguished time with the Navy in Second Life that started at Officer Candidates School and is ongoing at 7th Fleet where he serves aboard the USS Kitty Hawk as a naval aviator, and after being selected to become an intern in the Navy Flight Demonstration Team, Lieutenant Junior Grade Matter "Hawk" Blueskind was unanimously accepted this day into the Blues family as a full member. He will be flying as Left Wing in the Diamond, Angel 3.

From left: "Cougar", "QB" and No Balls, the Boss, "Mistell" and "Hawk".
The hard earned helmet and wings, awarded to team members only.

LTJG. Blueskind, call sign "Hawk", wanted to become a Blue Angel since before he joined the Navy and that was his objective all along. Faced with the steep climb that was presented to him when he first contacted the squadron, he did not flinch, and where others broke and gave up he rose to the occasion, earned his wings with 7th Fleet the hard way, became an accomplished naval aviator and a Mig killer in Vietnam, and when the time came to face the music he joined the team as an intern and went through the months of on boarding all potential Blues undertake to familiarize themselves with the other squadron pilots and crew and allow themselves to be evaluated before they are chosen as "newbies". In the end, all team members voted for his inclusion, and so, in the best Blue Angels tradition, there is only one thing we have left to say to him... "WELCOME TO THE TEAM, ASSHOLE!"

Congratulations, "Hawk". Well done.

CAPT. Asra "Cougar" Kron
NFDTXO / Angel 7

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Blue Angels VIP Ride - CAPT. Sidney Pobieski

CAPT. Pobieski is awarded her V.I.P. Ride certificate by CAPT's Vickster Kühn and Asra Kron, Angels 1 and 7, 11/11/2017.

Opening the 2017 Veterans Day celebrations on the deck of the USS Kitty Hawk (see here), Captain Asra Kron, Angel 7, took CV-63's Skipper, Captain Sidney Pobieski, for a very special V.I.P. Ride. Launching from the Kitty Hawk, CAPT. Pobieski could experience first hand the capabilities of the Navy Flight Demonstration Team's Cougar, as CAPT. Kron went through some of the maneuvers performed by both the Diamond and the Solos in this season's demo layout.

No need for paper bags during flight as the Skipper is a seasoned naval aviator, and after touching down on the Kitty Hawk's deck she was quick on her feet and on her wits, taking the opportunity to ask very interesting questions about the Cougar's performance she had just gone through.

The Blue Angels wish to extend their gratitude to Captain Sidney Pobieski in her support for the squadron, namely allowing 7th Fleet naval aviators to serve with the NFDT, making our effort to be the ambassadors of the United States Navy in Second Life more rewarding and meaningful, as our pilots come from different fleets and USN inspired groups.

CAPT. Asra "Cougar" Kron
NFDTXO / Angel 7

Veterans Day 2017

The branches colors fly on the Kitty Hawk deck on Veterans Day, 11/11/2017.

November 11, we gathered on the USS Kitty Hawk's deck to celebrate our veterans and remember their service and sacrifice. Hosted by 7th Fleet, in the Gulf of Tonkin, the celebrations were joined by members of other fleets and branches, and the Blue Angels performed a singular fly over Second Life United States Navy's most awarded and long serving vessel.

On this occasion, opening the ceremonies and prior to the fly over, the Blue Angels took CV-63's Skipper for a long overdue V.I.P. Ride aboard Angel 7, the squadron's two seat Cougar (see here). Captain Sidney Pobieski's service in support of the Navy's endeavor in Second Life, that reaches above and beyond the fleet she serves in, was thus highlighted in this day. We thank her for the occasion and for letting us be a part of the celebrations, as Third Fleet officers and Blue Angels pilots. Below, some captured moments of the day. As usual, click on the images to enlarge.

The Skipper aboard Angel 7 during preflight, before the V.I.P. Ride.
The Blue Angels present CAPT. Pobieski with the V.I.P. Ride certificate.
The Skipper poses next to her cert after the ride on Angel 7 (see here).
Formed on Phu Yen's airfield the Blues wait for clearance to take off.
On deck, all stand for the national anthem.

Thank you to the men and women who served honorably under our flag. They will be respected and remembered.

CAPT. Asra Kron

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Daystar 2017 International Air Show

The Navy Flight Demonstration Team Blue Angels will fly at the Daystar 2017 International Air Show with a Diamond four plane formation. Due to the air show format and number of attending teams, our performance will take 20 minutes in stead of the usual 50 minutes, the routine was adapted to fit this frame. This air show was organized by the Hawks Aerobatic Team and below is the organization's program. We wish you blue skies and hope you can join us at Daystar.

CAPT. Asra Kron
Angel 7

Welcome to Daystar 2017 International Airshow

You are invited as a guest to a once only show featuring some of the best 'aerobatic teams' in SL. 
Starts: 11:30 am SLT, Sunday, 5 November. 

The SLCS Cheerleaders Team will start the proceedings with one of their lively performances as the audience settles and pilots mentally rehearse their routines. The opening aerobatics act will be performed by none other than the SL United States Navy Blue Angels where they will showcase SL's finest pilots and aircraft. The Blue Angels will be closely followed by other well known and equally skilled teams such as the French PAF (La Patrouille Acrobatique de France SL) and the 'Phoenix Display Team'. Come and enjoy a fun action packed day and cheer on your favorite team!


1130  Arrival, preliminaries and SLCS performance
1200  USN Blue Angels
1230  EAR Esquadrilha da Fumaça (Smoke Squadron)
1300  PAF (La Patrouille Aerobatique de France SL)
1330  Hawks Aerobatic Team
1400  Phoenix Display Team
1430  USAF Thunderbirds
1500  SLCS concluding performance

In addition to this schedule SLCS will be keeping you entertained at intervals between each team's performance.

To minimize lag on the show sim we ask that you please stay within the audience area. This is imperative so that the pilots may fly to the best of their abilities. We ask also that you remove any 'unnecessary' scripts from your avatar and to remain seated on the bleachers provided where possible. Thank you!

SLUR to the Audience location HERE!