Homecoming 2018 Photo Coverage

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Blue Angels Homecoming 2018 flier.

NAS Miramar ready to welcome the Blues back home for a new Season. 02/10/2018.

Audience locations: The Defiant at sea on the left, Deder Isle on the East, and, on the right, the VIP area and the Dauntless.

The USS Dauntless moored on Conwy by Miramar's seaplane ramp, and the small VIP area on station grounds.

The USS Defiant, oldest ship in the fleet, set for audience on Port Gonn waters, East of Conwy; demo center point exit.

The bleachers on Deder Isle. The now owner, Jamess Darwin, graciously allowed us to place them as usual.

 Great aerial of Miramar by ADM. T. Lemon before Day One's demo: 1 to 4 on the West apron and 5 to 7 on the East apron.

The Blues mascot, No Balls, checking out the F/A-18C's on the west apron at Miramar. 02/10/2018.

Day One team, from left: BamBam, QB, Cougar, Hawk, Mistell and Speed. Angels 2 and 6 switched for Homecoming.

The 4 diamond aircraft in finger four formation for take off on Day One. From left: Cougar, Hawk, Speed and Mistell.

The two solos ready for take off wait on runway 32, Day One. From left: BamBam and QB.

View from Angel 3 before take off. The Left Wing switches with the Right Wing in anticipation of the half Cuban eight.

View from Angel 4's cockpit, hot and static, on Day One. The slot slips under to form the diamond on take off.

Horrid crossing into bad weather, the diamond looses up a bit entering Conwy after take off.

Climbing for the half cuban over Rafeiraga, North of demo center point, the leader starts losing control.

Cougar takes the lead with Hawk as Left Wing after Angels 1 and 2 crashed on the half Cuban eight.

The solos were having problems of their own. After Angel 6 crashed, the Solo Lead, Angel 5, LCDR. Jenny "QB" Kaz, on a very nice one plane section high alpha pass.

ADM. Toxic Lemon, USCG, and CAPT. Sidney Pobieski, USN 7th Fleet, watch as the diamond enters center point.

Angel 1, CAPT. Vickster "Speed" Kühn, and Angel 4, CAPT. Asra "Cougar" Kron, initiate the 180 roll on center point...

... and remain inverted in the diamond, performing the double farvel, while the wings maintain position. Worked well.

Part of the audience on Day One at Deder Isle, East of NAS Miramar, facing center point exit.

While Angel 6, the Opposing Solo, LCDR. Bambi "BamBam" Baxter, fights the terrible weather, Angel 5 performs.

With the Slot taking the Opposing Solo position, the missing man Delta breaks for the starburst over center point.

The Boss, Angel 1, perfectly lined up on the landing path after the carrier break, still at high speed over Rafeiraga.

Angel 1 touchdown at Miramar with the spaced Blues in a single file landing path after the carrier break maneuver.

A very little but huge fan of the Blues, complete with flight suit, looks up at Cougar! Miramar's neighbor Newbie, the catzu!

CAPT. A. Kron, LTJG. M. Blueskind, LCDR. J. Kaz holding No Balls, and CAPT. V. Kühn, gather in the VIP area.

Nothing like champagne after a rough demo. The Boss and Cougar hoping for better weather the next day.

Day One post-show: Cougar in Angel 7 is joined by LT. Hazel "Witch" Brooks in her Hawks BAE Hawk for a joy ride.

F/A-18C Hornets on Day Two. No. 1, BuNo. 163451, No. 6 as 2, BuNo. 163455, No. 3, BuNo. 163442, and No. 4, BuNo. 163435.

The solos ready on Day Two: No. 5, BuNo. 163106, and No. 2 posing as 6, BuNo. 163766.

F/A-18D Hornet BuNo. 163468, Angel 7, ready for any problem on Day Two. 02/11/2018.

The Boss, right, and her XO face a serious problem on Day Two: CDR. An Rainbow is grounded for health reasons.

LTJG. Blueskind drops his "Joda Yoga" Yoda by No Balls. The Blues would need the Force on Day Two.

CDR. An "Mistell" Rainbow is forced to sit Day Two out, but still helps the team, relaying radio transmissions in Deder.

Lcl. P. Lefavre and Lcl. M. Klaber, Patrouille de France en SL, ready for the demo in the VIP area on Day Two.

The USS Dauntless audience settling in on Day Two as more people arrive at Miramar.

The diamond on Day One in a tight turn over Couse. Sadly no photos of Day Two's demo are available.

Day One: Close up on Hawk perfectly positioned with Mistell on his port side. The Newbie is growing fast!

Day One: Over Maris, Angel 2 turns after the leader as the echelon four comes out of a turn to enter center point.

The audience was interested and hanging on every maneuver. Great turn out and support on both days.

After a real bad spell, LCDR. Bambi "BamBam" Baxter manages to bring Angel 6 in safely. Way to go, Bam!

Cougar joins Mistell and the audience in Deder Isle after the demo, on Day Two.

Mixed feelings: went great but she couldn't fly that day. Mistell and Cougar on Deder waiting for the ferry to Du Sud.

Homecoming was a success and the Blues can relax a little with the audience at Miramar before debriefing.

The crowd gathers for the stock version F/A-18C Hornet raffle extraction!

Present at all the Blue Angels demos so far, Miramar's own cute neighbor, Tanja Byron, waits patiently for the raffle result.

The other cute little neighbor, Newbie, and his short lived dilemma: bubbly or pacifier? Both.

And the winner is... Anita Babii!! The SL aircraft manufacturer would later give back the voucher so another can win!

Debriefing at Miramar. Homecoming is just a demo, and there were safeties to do. Just another day on the Blues' life.

End of Day Two: LCDR. Jenny "QB" Kaz takes Angel 5 for a final spin. A new Season just began.

May the Force and cat's luck be with the Blues! No Balls, "Joda Yoga" Yoda and Cougar after the demo. 02/11/2018.


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