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Last 2016 Blue Angels VIP Rides - RADM Harcassle

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron ready for helmet on with RADM. Isaac "Izzy" Harcassle in #7, BuNo 131219, 12/29/2016.

There were two last rides the Blue Angels wished to give in 2016 to two very important people in their lives, and they managed to do so starting with RADM. Isaac Harcassle, who, accompanied by his wife, LCDR. Daniella Harcassle, NBNVCO, on the 29th of December joined the Blue Angels at N.A.S. Miramar for the V.I.P. ride aboard Angel 7. On that occasion, RADM. Harcassle inspected the new NFDT delta line up with the Grumman F9F-6 BA v1.0 Cougars, after which he took place on the "two-up" F9F-8T number 7 for the ride.

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RADM. Isaac L. Harcassle, Third Fleet Commander, U.S.N.S.L. and the F9F-6.
From port side, Blue Angels 3, 8, 6 and 7 observe RADM. Harcassle's inspection.
From the Blue Angels, numbers 3, LT. Jenny "QB" Kaz, 6, LCDR. Elspeth "Torch" Westminster, 7, CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron, and 8, LCDR. An "Mistell" Rainbow were present. The new single seat Cougars received the seal of approval for service with the Navy Flight Demonstration Team and will continue the Blue Angels tradition of excellence in flight the "two-up" Cougars established.

RADM. Harcassle gears himself up before boarding #7.
Preflight starts. Angel 8 was in charge of GOPS and ATC in the tower.
The guests observe the warm up from building A's terrace with Angels 3 and 6.
CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron is Angel 7 alpha, Narrator and PR for the N.F.D.T., serving also as Slot and Opposing Solo alternate in the team, she is in charge of taking V.I.P.'s on these rides, and this one was a Hotel Sierra type of ride. LCDR. An "Mistell" Rainbow, Angel 8 alpha, Events Coordinator/Ground Ops Coordinator, serving also as alternate Right Wing, was in charge of ground operations and air traffic control for this flight over Miramar.
Angels 3 and 6, LT. Jenny "QB" Kaz and LCDR. Elspeth "Torch" Westminster, observed from the main building terrace with the guests (Shown in the photo above are LCDR.'s Dehner and Harcassle). "QB" held "No Balls" close, as usually, and yes, CDR. Kron did pet her before the flight.

Radio communications from preflight check to take off:

[2016/12/29 14:27] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: Preflight complete
[2016/12/29 14:28] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: BA ATC, Angel 7 static permission to taxi to 36 L and TO for VIP Ride with RADM Harcassle
[2016/12/29 14:28] :: {NASM} LCDR An "Mistell" Rainbow - Angel 6 (Anan Ariantho): Angel 7, NASM ATC clear to taxi to 36L. hold on short stop.

[2016/12/29 14:29] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: Copy that ATC, taxi to 36 L and stop
[2016/12/29 14:29] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: Angel 7 rolling

[2016/12/29 14:31] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: ATC, 7 hot and static
[2016/12/29 14:32] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: Permission to Take off
[2016/12/29 14:32] :: {NASM} LCDR An "Mistell" Rainbow - Angel 6 (Anan Ariantho): Angel 7, NASM ATC six sim pattern is clear, take off when ready over.
[2016/12/29 14:32] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: Thank you ATC
[2016/12/29 14:32] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: Angel 7 is changing it's Call Sign to FLEET ONE
[2016/12/29 14:33] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: Fleet CO on board
[2016/12/29 14:33] :: {NASM} LCDR An "Mistell" Rainbow - Angel 6 (Anan Ariantho): FLEET ONE, NASM ATC roger.

[2016/12/29 14:33] :: ((NASM)) CDR Asra "Cougar" Kron - Angel 7: FLEET ONE taking off  (...)

"Full dirty" inverted pass over Miramar's 18/36 axis. "Cougar" and "Izzy".
RADM. Harcassle experienced some of the maneuvers performed by the Blue Angels Solos and Diamond such as the "Dirty Roll" on take off, the "Dirty Loop" and "High Speed Roll", the "Vertical Roll", the "Dirty Inverted Pass", the "Knife" and the "Section High Alpha Pass".
"Izzy" did A-OK and was able to deplane on his own when the F9 Cougar was secured by hangar A. No paper bags were required during the 23 minute ride.

[2016/12/29 14:56] Izzy Harcassle stands up super slowly and cool like Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor.

RADM. "Izzy" Harcassle talks to the officers on deck by hangar A after the ride.
In the photo above, from port side:
CDR. Kron, RADM. Harcassle, LCDR. Harcassle and the Harcassle twins!, LCDR. Dehner,
LCDR. Westminster, LCDR. Rainbow and ENS. O'Mara 


The V.I.P. Ride was a success and the Blue Angels now can proudly say their High Commander flew like one of them. Hooyah. A few days later, during the New Year's Eve celebrations at N.S.T.C., the RADM was awarded his V.I.P. Ride certificate and a special gift from all the Angels: a Blue Angels guest helmet with two stars and the signed call signs of all the 2016 last composition team members on the visor guard.

RADM Isaac Harcassle receives the certificate and the signed guest helmet at NSTC from CDR. Kron, few minutes into 2017.
The guest helmet case and the team's 75 Years 2016 V.I.P. Ride certificate awarded.
Detail of the guest helmet case, similar to the ones NFDT aviators get on admission.
The Navy Flight Demonstration Team wishes Rear Admiral Isaac Harcassle all the best in the New Year and express the most sincere gratitude for all the support Third Fleet has given the team all through 2016.
Go "Izzy"! Go Navy!

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron
Angel 7

Photos by CDR. Asra Kron and LCDR. An Rainbow

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