Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fight the Future

The Test 79 F/A-18C on warm up. Research and Development at the forefront of NAS Miramar operations.

To all Third Fleet personnel:

Since RADM. Harcassle left Third Fleet, we experienced two territorial losses, both of which consumed a significant amount of time, work and money to no result. As a consequence of the wasted effort on these territories, I personally lost focus on the main missions Third Fleet has since the secession of the group now assembled in Second Fleet.

Our main missions are split between NAS Miramar and NAF Eagles Nest. The Navy Flight Demonstration Team, the Navy Fighter Weapons School, The United States Naval Test Pilot School and Tuarua Fiji's integrity and safety are our main missions. There is much to be done and that is being done in each of those sectors and enough to keep the present crew and future crew members busy for months and months. So why bother expanding at all.

Expanding depends on the quality of leaders and most especially land owners. Rarely you find like minded individuals who are both. And even more rarely both and USN inspired. After the last two disappointments, there will be no more territorial or command additions to Third Fleet. We welcome and in fact are engaged in cooperation with other singular groups that are United States Navy inspired, but will not accept any other command in Third Fleet, besides NASM and NAFEN, that is not under the direct command and land ownership of one of our serving fleet command officers. As for aggregated USN inspired groups that presume to own the navy ideal... well, good luck with that.

Focus on your tasks. Enjoy what you do. And do it well.
Go Navy!

CAPT. Asra "Cougar" Kron

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Memory Lane: Space Program

The Space Program has always been on my mind as a great expansion in the SL United States Navy roles, the ultimate rating a Naval Aviator could achieve becoming an Astronaut. Of course that would involve a dedicated staff, military and civilian, a new location, and so on... So it is way back in the back burner, but this year we had a little taste of that particular "what if".

CPT. Mit Zoobe, Royal Navy (Ret.), came by with a mission and we were happy to oblige, by setting up a launch pad for a very special vessel, the Discovery. The space shuttle would lift off from Miramar into space, a unique event that deserves a place in this year's Memory Lane. This took place on February 1, 2017. Below some of the captured moments.

Click on the images to enlarge.

Astronaut Zoobe on deck.
Together with some friends, CPT. Zoobe inspects the pad set for him.
The launcher is placed with the Discovery on it.
The Discovery awaits at Miramar with Astronaut Mit Zoobe on board.
Captains Kron and Kühn watch the unexpected event from safe distance.
"... 3... 2... 1..."
The still spacecraft roaring flames during the few seconds of the initial blast.
"Miramar, we have lift off." "Copy, Discovery. God speed."
The ground falls behind very fast with 7.8 million pounds of thrust!
[2017/02/01 17:24] Mit Zoobe (zoobe): Looking good so far.
3,000 miles per hour, close to the first separation.
"Stage one separation in 3... 2... 1..."
[2017/02/01 17:26] Mit Zoobe (zoobe): Booster separation at 980 mtrs.
Fueled by the stage two tank the three main engines push the envelope.
[2017/02/01 17:28] Mit Zoobe (zoobe): And still climbing...
The Discovery in orbital flight. A few orbits and...
Reentry: [2017/02/01 17:31] Mit Zoobe (zoobe): This is going to be a fun landing!

Well, the landing was offered as a sacrifice to the lag gods, but maybe someday Astronaut Zoobe will try again for the perfect mission score. Thank you, Mit, for a great page in Miramar's history. This one you got to sign yourself!

CAPT. Asra Kron

Friday, September 1, 2017

September's Memory Lane

Blue skies. The VI-K on taxi at NAS Miramar. 08/03/2017.

Due to unforeseen circumstances that ranged from real life constraints to Third Fleet's redirection (see here), there were no real time records set this month, so we will post a set of 2017 mementos in this month's entries.

As we near the end of Miramar's second year of operations, a tribute to its mission and role in the Tuarua Fiji regions, ambassador to the United States Navy professionalism and one of the wards of Second Life's free spirit in the aviation community. The index to the Memory Lane entries are below.  Enjoy this little sample memory lane trip.

CAPT. Asra Kron

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