Homecoming 2017 Photo Coverage

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Blue Angels Homecoming 2017 flier.

N.A.S. Miramar, the Blue Angels "Beach Home", ready for Homecoming, 01/26/2017.

The VIP area at Miramar. Sadly, Du Sud Isle is a Homestead so seats on the station are few. 01/26/2017

The bleachers on Capri Island, Deder Isle region, facing the Aldabra Sea demo area, 01/26/2017.

The U.S.S. Dauntless moored on Conwy, just off Miramar, with the helo pad converted to audience platform, 01/26/2017.

The U.S.S. Defiant on Port Gonn waters, North of Deder Isle; best seats "in the house", 01/26/2017.

Angels 1 and 7, Speed and Cougar, check the Defiant set up on day one, 01/27/2017

AW-109 D VK-20, HS-4 Black Knights, on pad A at Miramar, ready for the pre-show scout flight, 01/27/2017.

VK-20' flown by Angel 7, CDR. Asra Kron, on the scout run on day one, flying over U.S.S. Defiant, 01/27/2017.

From VK-20 on Port Gonn, Cougar watches Angel 1 coming out of a dirty loop over Conwy during a dry run, 01/27/2017.

The team gathered for briefing before day one's demo, hangar C, Miramar, QB is holding No Balls, 01/27/2017.

Day one's team at Miramar, ready to start the ground routine and board the Cougars, 01/27/2017.

The team's mascot, No Balls, watches the 6 Blue Angels from hangar C at Miramar. "Looking sharp!" 01/27/2017.

The Diamond minus the left wing performing the low speed 360 over Conwy. "Weather" was atrocious. 01/27/2017.

The two solos coming out of a high speed pass over Conwy, seen from the U.S.S. Defiant, 01/27/2017.

Angels 1 and 4, Speed and QB, visit the spectators on the U.S.S. Defiant after day one's demo, 01/27/2017.

The day one solos, Angels 5 and 6, Cougar and Mistell, talk to the spectators on Deder after the demo, 01/27/2017.

At the Miramar VIP area after day one's demo. The Angels always meet the spectators after a show. 01/27/2017.

A Blue Angels demo is just another mission. The aviators gather for debriefing at Miramar, on day one. 01/27/2017.

Between demos, on the eve of day one, Cougar, Speed and QB discuss lessons learned and the day ahead, 01/27/2017.

Day two. QB goes through the slot routine in her mind by her Cougar, BuNo 141216. 01/28/2017.

Spectators arriving on day two. Miramar viewed from the U.S.S. Dauntless helo pad, 01/28/2017.

The Delta minus Angel 5 (recovering from crash) photographed by Laben Core, day two, 01/28/2017.

CDR. Asra "Cougar" Kron, Angel 7, narrates the demo on the radio for the spectators as the team flies by. 01/28/2017.

A must on Blue Angels air shows: photo cameras. Great shot! 01/28/2017.

RADM. Isaac Harcassle and LCDR. Daniella Harcassle watch the demo in style from their sail boat on Maris, 01/28/2017.
Cougar announces the Carrier Break on the radio as the team preps for it heading 0-9-0 over Conwy. 01/28/2017.

Cougar and Mistell revisit the Deder bleachers after day two's demo. The audience was fantastic. 01/28/2017.

Final gathering at the VIP area, day two. The Blue Angels are the Navy's ambassadors at every turn. 01/28/2017.

Debriefing on day two. Mission accomplished. Go Blues! Go Navy!


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  1. On behalf of your Navy Flight Demonstration Team "Blue Angels", I thank the officers and sailors of NAS Miramar and U.S. Navy SL's 3rd Fleet for their diligent preparations and support for our Homecoming Airshow! I also want to thank the audience members who made our team's effort so rewarding with their support and enthusiastic responses.
    Despite the worst flying conditions the team has ever faced for an air show, the audience repaid our efforts ten-fold!
    We are forever grateful!

    CDR Vickie "Speed" Kuhn - A.K.A. The Boss

  2. Thank you for your comment, Boss.
    And for retweeting this:

    Go Blues!