NAS Miramar Code and Conduct 3.0

Second Life's United States Navy
Naval Air Station Miramar
Du Sud Isle - Tuarua Fiji

Station commander: CAPT. Asra "Cougar" Kron (NASMCO)
Station executive officer: LCDR. An "Mistell" Rainbow (NASMXO)
Navy Fighter Weapons School commander: CAPT. Vickster "Speed" Kuhn (NFWSCO)

Welcome to US Navy's NAS Miramar.

NAS Miramar, in Tuarua-Fiji's Du Sud Isle, is the longest standing Naval Air Station of Second Life's US Navy Third Fleet Command, established January 8 2016. It serves as the Nest of the Third Fleet, harboring several of its assigned squadrons, among which several carrier based squadrons that station at Miramar ashore.
List of mainstay units:
Resident units:
Air: VF-84, VF-154, VAQ-129, HS-4, HSC-13, HSC-9, HT-28, VP-4, VRC-01, VT-10, VX-1 and HX-21
Sea: FFH Squadron and HP-13
Rotating/Guest Units:
VR-54, NFDT (Blue Angels), VFC-13

NAS Miramar is located in the Northernmost part of Tuarua Fiji, Nautilus, and borders the Aldabra Sea, which separates Nautilus from Corsica. We are part of COMNAVAIRNAU continental command, Third Fleet's theater of operations, that includes, from North to South,
Gaeta V, Corsica, Nautilus, Satori and the Blake Sea & Islands continents.

Just as the real NAS Miramar in Miramar, California, from 1969 to 1996, the Navy Fighter Weapons School (NFWS), aka Top Gun, is its primary role. A mix of theory and hands on training, flight and combat practice and a competition make for the NFWS program, after which the naval aviators who successfully complete the course receive Top Gun grade, the top crew from each edition being given the option of remaining as instructors at Miramar.

In addition we are also home to the Unites States Naval Test pilot school. The United States Naval Test Pilot School (USNTPS) provides instruction to experienced pilots, flight officers and engineers in the theory, processes and techniques of aircraft and systems test and evaluation. Graduating students use this expertise in the acquisition community, working on aircraft and weapons systems, performing flight test and managing introduction of new assets to the fleet.

What we do:
 - Maintain the resident crews on a high level of readiness through regular missions in the area and in collaboration with other US Navy Third Fleet and US Navy inspired units, and assigned patrols along the most used routes to and from GOTO stations, bases and airports.
- Train the crews to the highest possible standard of expertise in their aircraft and mission types.
- Carry out Top Gun courses regularly, in order to keep the Fleet squadrons top crews in a high readiness status at full performance capability.
- Carry out fleet assignments for new asset procurement and testing aircraft for that purpose.

How you fit in:
If you like military Role Play and in particular naval sea and air operations and Navy life, NAS Miramar is the place to be. Our group is one of the naval groups in the general US Navy SL group, which aggregates different US Navy groups/units under one flag.
Being part of the resident crews means choosing a role/part to play, be it enlisted, commissioned or even a civilian specialist.
There are pilot and RIO positions to be filled in the carrier based squadrons stationed at Miramar, all crew positions with rotor patrol and SAR and a COD component and also seamen crew positions with the Titan component. Ground stations are available, namely Air Traffic Control (ATC), Station Police and maintenance.

How ranks are assigned:
If you are transferring from another US naval unit we will take your past experience and career into consideration, but no matter what your station is there will be an on boarding process. Officers from other countries can be assimilated as interchange pilots.
As a norm, for the initial weeks at NAS Miramar you will have the rank of ENS or SN.

How your career progresses:
Through practice and service.
Each rank/rate has a minimum set of required practice sessions and mission hours, depending on role. Your unit commanding officer (CO) will recommend you for a promotion when those goals are met.
The goals are set with a realistic time line, although no deadline exists. You are expected to perform your duties, whether practice or missions, in your own time, and you alone define how much and when your time is given, but once you define that envelope, expect NAS Miramar instructors and unit leaders to push it. Hard.

Time requirements:
To be absolutely clear: There are no time requirements.
Your goals are measured in hours and/or exams. Some will take a month to cover a particular sector of learning, some will take three months on the same goal.
You come when you can and you do what you can, but when you are here, you are 100% committed to your role. Talk to your immediate CO, Unit leader or instructor and determine your availability and his/hers.

How "loose" is NAS Miramar?
Miramar has two components, a public, welcoming one, that allows for every aircraft/sailing lover to enjoy our facilities, with emphasis on Cougar's Sore Bottom Sailing Club, which has it's own group, and a formal one in which we live as Navy service men and women. The formal side is not "loose" at all.
To be blunt, if you are looking for a place where you can switch from a purple to a fluorescent pink flight suit, fly in high heels and wear an orange golf ball as helmet, then NAS Miramar and the US Navy is not for you.
We go by strict Navy regulations that go from saluting rank to wearing approved uniforms (see Mandatory Uniforms note card) to attend mission briefings and deliver reports as needed. Most importantly, we behave with the degree of professionalism and responsibility the real life institution we portray demands.
We carry the US Navy eagle on our visors, not some Second Life made up insignia, an the flag that flies over the station is that of the United States of America. The men and women that wear these uniforms in real life and place their lives on the line every day of their service WILL get the respect and honor they deserve as we mirror their service. Role play of an institution such as the United States Navy requires a high level of awareness to this reality.
If you wish to goof around and act like a clown, please consider joining the army.
This is the US Navy and we carry its tradition.

Mandatory and optional equipment/uniforms:
You may already own some of the items you will need to correctly role play at NAS Miramar. A comprehensive listing of the Mandatory and Optional uniforms and equipment is supplied along with tis note card.
Part of the mandatory and optional uniforms is standard issued - meaning we supply them to you for free. But most is up to you to buy.
Spending the money and time to buy and adjust all the equipment needed shows the level of your commitment.
Refer to NAS Miramar Dress Code for details on use of approved items. Refer to the NAS Miramar equipment Guide for a list of approved aircraft, vessels and personal equipment, such as weapons. Items outside the Dress Code are only allowed exceptionally and after you reached a certain rank. Regardless of rank, all items not mentioned as mandatory or optional in the Code and Guide must be cleared by command.
Disrespecting these guidelines is considered an infraction dealt with in the Three Strikes rule context.

Three strikes rule:
What if you missed a rule and screw up?
Well, then you are only human. Your CO will set you straight and there will be no mention of the event in your record. Everyone can make a mistake, we learn and move on.
That is strike one.
What if you missed that same rule a second time?
Well then you are not paying attention enough or interested enough. That's a red flag. Your CO will write you up and your record will show the infraction. Disciplinary action may follow if so determined by command.
Serious infractions may lead to a Court Martial to be held at the discretion of US Navy SL command.
That is strike two.
 If you miss the same rule three times...
 ... then you belong in the army.
Transfer to Fleet Command OR discharge on Fleet orders follows. No exceptions.
Note: You may file a grievance with Third Fleet Command (TFCOM) if you feel you were wronged, but we take all matters into account before any infraction is reported to the Station Commander.
Bottom line is work with your unit members and superiors to sort things out. The men and women placed in command of a unit or training program are experienced and reasonable persons. Only infractions worth disciplinary action will be sent to NAS Miramar command.

Bottom line is...
We mirror an outstanding real life institution with an amazing history. Role play is the environment we choose to live in and the life we make here. But who we are is what defines us. And who we are is not role play at all.

Welcome to Miramar.
Nest of the Third Fleet.
Fightertown Tuarua.

CAPT. Asra Kron (*)
Station Commander

Updated: June 2017


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