US Navy Acronyms in SL

Acronyms can get you FUBAR. This may help.
A guide to U.S.N. Acronyms in Second Life

The Navy, as well as many other U.S. government related entities, use acronyms a lot and it gets a little confusing when you are outside the "loop". But truth of the matter is acronyms exist for the simple reason it takes a lot less time to write them than it does the extensive form they summarize in a few letters.

Think of location acronyms as recognizable short URL's that unlike the ones generated by short URL engines actually mean something if you know where they come from. And it is safe to say that rather than write "Commanding Officer of Continental Air and Naval Command of the Five Continents Region in Second Life" stating simply "COMNAVAIRNAU" - even if this is perhaps the longest acronym in use! - is a lot better. And faster. For that reason, acronyms actually sound like words. Take that one, for instance: "COMNAVAIRNAU" and read it like "comm, navair, nau". It really helps to both tip you on the meaning and memorize it. That is why you rarely see acronyms like "GJWXDZ" or something along those lines, where each singular letter is the initial of the word it represents but put together says nothing about the nature of the entity the acronym refers to and much less helps you remember it.

Location officers need Third Fleet Command approval when coming up with new acronyms - for a new service, section or facility/station - and if it there is already a real life equivalent the same acronym in use by the U.S. Navy should be chosen. Remember to make the acronym sound like a word by adding a letter or two of the abbreviated word instead of just the initial - if needed, and conform with U.S. Navy already in use acronyms (like the prefixes N.A.S. or N.A.F. or N.B. - don't go "NABASxx" or "NAAISxx" for instance, it won't fly). Global installations that serve continental areas always use a U.S. Navy established acronym prefix.

Third Fleet command has instructed me to put this list up some time ago, but I just got around to it. Included are also prefixes in use as generally, squadron types, ranks and rates, ratings and others. Keep in mind that while most are the same as in U.S.N. some were created to answer S.L. U.S.N. Third Fleet needs - those are marked as such so you know which they are.

This page will be updated when needed and will remain on the right side column in the Special Sections of this weblog for easy access, but best to save it as a bookmark you can regularly check - also useful for a quick check on the fly.

CAPT. Asra "Cougar" Kron

[ LAST UPDATED 2018/01/08 ]

By type and alphabetical order.
* Does not include U.S.M.C. acronyms related to the S.L.M.C., only generic


Generic - means no particular thing but the class of the acronym
COMNAVAIR - Commander Continental Naval Surface and Air Command (prefix)
note: also used to designate the actual area (continent/continental cluster) of command:
 COMNAVAIR - Continental Naval Surface and Air Command (prefix)

Concrete acronyms - the ones that have complete and unequivocal meaning
-   Continental Naval Surface and Air Command in SL Zone A, Commander and Command
-   The Old Continents: Sansara and Heterocera
-   Continental Naval Surface and Air Command in SL Zone B, Commander and Command
-   Jeogeot a.k.a. Korean Continent
COMNAVAIRNAU (this is Third Fleet's continental command)

-   Continental Naval Surface and Air Command in SL Zone C, Commander and Command
-   The Linked Continents or the 5 Continents: Satori, Nautilus, Blake & Islands, Corsica, Gaeta V
-   Continental Naval Surface and Air Command in SL Zone D, Commander and Command
-   The Gaeta Cluster (at the moment only Gaeta I)
-   Continental Naval Surface and Air Command in SL Zone E, Commander and Command
-   Zindra


Generic - means no particular thing but the class of the acronym
NAF - Naval Air Facility (prefix)
NAS - Naval Air Station (prefix)
NAWS - Naval Air Weapons Station (prefix)
NB - Naval Base (prefix)
NRS - Naval Rescue Station (prefix)

Generic broad acronyms - means a lot but needs location as there are a few around, even if very few,
but they are unique in each of the COMNAVAIR regions
NDSTC - Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (prefix followed by continent of location)
NSTC - Naval Service Training Command/Center (prefix followed by continent of location)
NSWC - Naval Surface Warfare Center (prefix followed by continent of location)
NUWC - Naval Underwater Warfare Center (prefix followed by continent of location)

Concrete acronyms that need no location as ID but merely as geographic indicator as they are unique
across the board in all of S.L. U.S.N. as it happens in the U.S.N.
NFDT - Navy Flight Demonstration Team "Blue Angels" (NAF Egles Nest)
NFWS - Navy Fighter Weapons School TOPGUN (NAS Miramar)
NPFDS - Navy Propeller Flight Demonstration Squadron * (USNTPS, NAS Miramar)
USNTPS - United States Navy Test Pilots School (NAS Miramar)
* S.L. U.S.N. specific acronym.

Concrete acronyms with a name initial(s) to acquire meaning as well as identify the location
NAFA - Naval Air Facility Avignon (deactivated - units transferred to the NBNV Hub)
NAFBAG - Naval Air Facility Bagheera (Satori) - 3rd. Fleet (discontinued)
NAFEN - Naval Air Facility Eagles Nest (Outer Regions) - 3rd. Fleet
NAFGO - Naval Air Facility Gorlanova (Satori) - 2nd. Fleet (discontinued)
NAFXE - Naval Air Facility Xeeko (Nautilus) - 3rd. Fleet (discontinued)
NASM - Naval Air Station Miramar (Nautilus) - 3rd. Fleet
NASV - Naval Air Station Velinissimo (Nautilus) - 2nd. Fleet
NBNV - Naval Base North Valley (Satori) - 2nd. Fleet (discontinued)
NBNV Hub - The agglomerate of facilities/stations/units at NBNV - 2nd. Fleet (discontinued)
NSTC Nautilus - Naval Service Training Command Nautilus (at Velinissimo) - 2nd. Fleet
NSWC Satori - Naval Surface Warfare Center Satori (at Gorlanova) - 2nd. Fleet (discontinued)


The continental commands mean primarily the commander (e.g. COMNAVAIRNAU is the Linked Continents, a.k.a. the 5 Continents, commanding officer as well as the "Command" (the area). For all others add the suffix "CO" to the command acronym.


Add the suffix "XO" to the command acronym.

Referring to the roles of squadrons (prefix) *
* For active and inactive squadron designations see "Squadrons of the III Fleet" in the Special Sections.

HM - Helicopter mine countermeasures squadron
HS - Helicopter maritime multi mission squadron
HSC - Helicopter sea combat squadron
HSM - Helicopter maritime strike squadron
HT - Helicopter training squadron
HUQ - Unmanned reconnaissance helicopter squadron
VA - Fixed wing attacker/strike squadron
VAQ - Fixed wing electronic attack squadron
VAW - Fixed wing carrier airborne early warning squadron
VF - Fixed wing fighter squadron
VFA - Fixed wing strike fighter squadron
VFC - Fixed wing fleet fighter composite squadron
VP - Fixed wing maritime patrol squadron
VQ - Fixed wing fleet air reconnaissance squadron
VR- Fixed wing fleet logistics support squadron
VRC - Fixed wing fleet logistics support COD squadron
VT -  Fixed wing training squadron
VUQ - Fixed wing unmanned reconnaissance squadron
VX - Fixed wing test squadron

Referring to the roles of maritime surface units and their types (prefix) *
* For maritime surface squadron designations see "3RD FLEET Surface Vessels Registry" in the Special Sections.

CV - Aircraft carrier (Kitty Hawk Class) **
CVA - Attack aircraft carrier
CVB - Large aircraft carrier
CVH - Rotary wing aircraft carrier
CVN - Nuclear powered aircraft carrier (Nimitz Class) **
CVSG - Carrier Anti-Submarine Air Group
CSG - Carrier strike group
DDG - Destroyer with guided missiles
DDH - Destroyer with assigned helicopter
DDK - Destroyer, anti-submarine
HF - Frigate Squadron *
FFG - Frigate with guided missiles **
FFH - Frigate with assigned helicopter (Dauntless Class) **
FFK - Frigate, anti-submarine (Hunter Class) **
HP - Patrol boat squadron *
PC - Deep water patrol boat (Izzy Class) **
RIB - Rigid (hull) Inflatable boat - short for RHIB (Guardian, C and R Classes) **
RBM - Rigid hull fast patrol boat (Tiger and Titan Class) */**
RHIB - Rigid hull inflatable boat (Guardian Class **) - see RIB
RRV - Recreational/Recruitment Vessel or Vehicle *
SS - Attack submarine
SSA - Experimental submarine
SSBN - Nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine
SSM - Midget submarine
SSN - Nuclear powered Attack Submarine
USNS - United States Naval Ship (Navy - non-commissioned)
USS - United States Ship (Navy - commissioned)
* S.L. U.S.N. specific acronym.
** S.L. U.S.N. Third Fleet specific class

Referring to positions, services, sections or divisions

AAR - Air to Air refueling
ACH - Advanced Combat Helmet 
AIRR - Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmer
AFT - Advanced Flight Training *
ARRS -  All Regions Rescue System ** / Rescue Swimmer School
ASuW - Anti Surface Warfare 
ASW - Anti Submarine Warfare 
BFC - Basic Flight Certification *
BRADM - Brat Admiral */***
BuNo - Bureau Number
CAG - Air Group Commander
CASEVAC - Casualty Evacuation
CENTCOM - Central Command ****
COD - Carrier Onboard Delivery
CVW - Carrier Air Wing
CSAR - Combat Search and Rescue
DoD - Department of Defense
FSMEET - Fleet Staff officers Meeting ******
FUBAR - Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
IFT - Intermediate Flight Training *
JAFO - Just Another Fucking Observer
JAG - Judge Advocate General's Corps
MICH - Modular Integrated Communications Helmet
NA - Naval Aviator
NAWC - Naval Air Warfare Center
NAWCAD - Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division
NCIS - Naval Criminal Investigative Service
NCF - Naval Construction Forces (Seabees)
NFO - Naval Flight Officer
OCS - Officer Candidate School
OOD - Officer Of the Deck
PATROU - PATrol ROUte *****
PFI - Pre-Flight Indoctrination
PFT - Primary Flight Training
POC - Point Of Contact
PT - Physical Training
RIO - Radar Intercept Officer
RTB - Return To Base (see RTS)
RTC - Recruit Training Command (Recruit Training Camp or Boot Camp)
RTS - Return To Station (NAS specific) *
SAR - Search and Rescue
SEAL - Sea And Land, Navy special warfare operator
SDN - Side Number, Squadron of Deployment Number *
SLMC - Second Life Marine Corps group in USNSL *
SO - Special warfare Operator, a.k.a. Navy Seal
TFCOM - Third Fleet Command *
TFREC - Third Fleet Records *
TRIDENT - Third Fleet High Command *
USNSL - United States Navy in Second Life *
VERTREP - Vertical Replenishment
* S.L. U.S.N. Third Fleet specific acronym.
** S.L. specific acronym - patented winch system by Spartan Industries.
*** Exclusive to Maggie Harcassle, COMNAVAIRNAU RADM Harcassle and LCDR. D. Harcassle's little daughter.
**** S.L. U.S.N. does not have a CENTCOM at this time, only continental commands.
***** N.A.S.M. acronym referring to surveillance patrols over Tuarua Fiji in coordination with local management. 
******  FSMEET - a high level meeting for Senior Officers and location Commanding Officers and XO's only

Referring to Second Life entities, titles or places we refer to

BOT, Bot - Robot, a non-interactive avatar used for monitoring or management
FFL - Fly For Life
GT - GridTalkie
GRID ATC - SL grid wide air traffic control channel on GT
ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization
RFL - Relay For Life
RFLinSL - Relay For Life in Second Life
SA ATC - Shergood Aviation Air Traffic Control system

Commissioned and warrant officers have rank, enlisted general staff and petty officers have rates.

Commissioned officers
Officers awarded the rank by commission, also referred to as "Line Officers"
In the U.S.N.S.L. they come from OCS. There is no Naval Academy in the U.S.N.S.L. yet.

MIDN - no pay grade - no device - Midshipman * 
* The U.S.N. does not use the term "Cadet". MIDN applies to Naval Academy officer candidates only.
OC - no pay grade - no device - Officer Candidate attending OCS **
** The S.L. U.S.N. Third Fleet does not use the term "Midshipman". MIDN applies to Naval Academy attendants only.

Junior Officers
ENS - O-1 - one gold bar - Ensign
LTJG  - O-2 - one silver bar - Lieutenant Junior Grade
LT - O-3 - two silver bars - Lieutenant
LCDR - O-4 - gold oak leaf - Lieutenant Commander

Senior Officers
CDR - O-5 - silver oak leaf - Commander
CAPT - O-6 - silver navy eagle - Captain

Flag Officers
RDML - O-7 - one star - Rear Admiral (lower half)
RADM - O-8 - two stars - Rear Admiral (upper half)
VADM - O-9 - three stars - Vice-Admiral
ADM - O-10 - four stars - Admiral
FADM - O-11 - five stars - Fleet Admiral (reserved for war time only)

Chief Warrant officers *
Officers awarded the rank by a warrant.
In the U.S.N.S.L. they are appointed from PO and CPO rates.
* The rank of WO1 - W-1 - two blue full squares over a gold bar - Warrant Officer was terminated in 1975.

CWO2 - W-2 - three blue full squares over a gold bar - Chief Warrant Officer
CWO3 - W-3 - two blue full squares over a silver bar - Chief Warrant Officer
CWO2 - W-4 - three blue full squares over a silver bar - Chief Warrant Officer
CWO2 - W-5 - one blue stripe along a silver bar - Chief Warrant Officer

General staff * and non commissioned officers, also known as "Enlisted".
In S.L. U.S.N. they come from RTC.
* rate field designations AN - airman and CN - constructionman not in use in S.L. U.S.N.

SR - E-1 - no device - Seaman Recruit
SA - E-2 - two steel diagonal stripes - Seaman Apprentice

Active duty
SN - E-3 - three steel diagonal stripes *
FN - same as SN - Fireman *
PO3 - E-4 - navy eagle above a steel chevron - Petty Officer 3rd Class
PO2 - E-5 - navy eagle above 2 gold or steel chevrons - Petty Officer 2nd Class
PO1 - E-6 - navy eagle above 3 gold or steel chevrons - Petty Officer 1st Class
CPO - E-7 - silver USN letters over gold navy anchor - Chief Petty Officer
SCPO - E-8 - silver star above silver USN letters over gold navy anchor - Senior Chief Petty Officer
CMDCS - same as SCPO - Command Senior Chief Petty Officer **
MCPO - E-9 - 2 silver stars above silver USN letters over gold navy anchor - Master Chief Petty Officer
CMDMC - same as MCPO - Command Master Chief Petty Officer **
MCPON - E-9 - 3 silver stars above silver USN letters over gold navy anchor - Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy ***
* SN - three white diagonal stripes on sleeve; FN - three red diagonal stripes on sleeve.
** CMDCS and CMDCM ( this also referred to by its rating: CMC) add a star below the navy eagle to their sleeve insignia.
*** MCPON add a star above and a star below the navy eagle to their sleeve insignia.

A Navy rating is defined as an occupation that consists of specific skills and abilities. Each general rating has its own specialty badge which is worn on the left sleeve by all qualified men and women in that field. 

Rating Structure
Two similar sounding terms are used to describe Navy enlisted status - rate and rating.  Rate equates to military pay grade and rating is one's occupational specialty.  Petty officer third class (PO3) is a rate.  Boatswain Mate is a rating. Used in combination, Boatswain Mate Third Class (BM3), defines both the rate, petty officer third class, and rating Boatswain Mate.

General ratings are broad occupational fields, subdivided into related service ratings.
Below the general rating in bold you will find related service ratings, if any exist.

ABCM - Master Chief Aviation Boatswain's Mate (E-9 only)
- ABH - Aviation Boatswain's Mate Aircraft Handling
- ABF - Aviation Boatswain's Mate Fuels
- ABE - Aviation Boatswain's Mate Launch & Recovery Equipment
- ABU - Aviation Boatswain's Mate Utility
AC - Air Traffic Controller
- ACT - Aircontrolman Tower
- ACW - Aircontrolman Early Warning
AD - Aviation Machinist's Mate
- ADE - Aviation Machinist's Mate Engine Mechanic
- ADF - Aviation Machinist's Mate Flight Engineer
- ADG - Aviation Machinist's Mate Carburetor Mechanic
- ADJ - Aviation Machinist's Mate Jet Engine Mechanic
- ADR - Aviation Machinist's Mate Reciprocating Engine Mechanic
- ADP - Aviation Machinist's Mate Propeller Mechanic
AE - Aviation Electrician's Mate
AFCM - Master Chief Aircraft Maintenanceman (E-9 only)
AG - Aerographer's Mate
AM - Aviation Structural Mechanic (E-8 only)
AME - Aviation Structural Mechanic Safety Equipment
AO -  Aviation Ordnanceman
- AOMT - Aviation Ordnanceman Turrets
- AOF - Aviation Ordnanceman Fire Control
- AOT - Aviation Ordnanceman Turrets
- AOU - Aviation Ordnanceman Utility
AS - Aviation Support Equipment Technician
- ASE - Aviation Support Equipment Technician Electrical
- ASH - Aviation Support Equipment Technician Hydraulics and Structure
- ASM - Aviation Support Equipment Technician Mechanical
AT - Aviation Electronics Technician
- ATA - Aviation Electronics Technician Aircraft Equipment
- ATG - Aviation Electronics Technician Ground Equipment
- ATN - Aviation Electronics Technician Radio & Radio Navigation Equipment
- ATO - Aviation Electronics Technician Ordnance
- ATR - Aviation Electronics Technician Radar and Radar Navigation Equipment
- ATW - Aviation Electronics Technician Airborne CIC Equipment
AVCM - Master Chief Avionics Technician (E-9 only)
AW - Master Chief Naval Aircrewman (E-9 only)
- AWF - Naval Aircrewman Mechanical
- AWO - Naval Aircrewman Operator
- AWS - Naval Aircrewman Helicopter
- AWR - Naval Aircrewman Tactical Helicopter
- AWV - Naval Aircrewman Avionics

AZ - Aviation Maintenance Administrationman
BM - Boatswain's Mate
- BMA - Boatswain's Mate Master-at-Arms
- BMB - Boatswain's Mate Seabee
- BMG - Boatswain's Mate Shipboard
- BMK - Boatswain's Mate Canvasman
- BMR - Boatswain's Mate Rigger
- BMS - Boatswain's Mate Stevedore
BU - Builder
- BUR - Builder Concrete
- BUH - Builder Heavy
- BUL - Builder Light
CE - Construction Electrician
- CEG - Construction Electrician General
- CEL - Construction Electrician Communications Lineman
- CEP - Construction Electrician Power Lineman
- CES - Construction Electrician Shop
- CET - Construction Electrician Telephone
- CEW - Construction Electrician Wiring
CM - Construction Mechanic
- CMA - Construction Mechanic Automotive
- CMD - Construction Mechanic Diesel Engine
- CMG - Construction Mechanic Gasoline Engine
- CMH - Construction Mechanic Construction 
CMC - Command Master Chief (E-9 only)
- CMDCM - Command Master Chief Petty Officer
- CNOCM CNO - Directed Command Master Chief
- FLTCM - Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer
- FORCM - Force Master Chief Petty Officer
- MCPON - Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
CS Culinary Specialist
- CSB - Commissaryman Butcher
- CSG - Commissaryman Ship's Cooks
- CSR - Commissaryman Bakers  
CSS - Culinary Specialist Submarine 
CT - Cryptologic Technician
- CTI - Cryptologic Technician Interpretive
- CTM - Cryptologic Technician Maintenance
- CTN - Cryptologic Technician Networks
- CTR - Cryptologic Technician Collection
- CTT - Cryptologic Technician Technical
CU - Constructionman (E-8, E-9 only)
DC - Damage Controlman
EA - Engineering Aide
- EAD - Engineering Aids Draftsman
- EAS - Engineering Aids Surveyor
EM - Electrician Mate
- EMCBC - Electrician's Mate Construction Battalion Communication
- EMCBD - Electrician's Mate Construction Battalion Draftsman
- EMCBG - Electrician's Mate Construction Battalion General
- EMCBL - Electrician's Mate Construction Battalion Line and Station
- EMSRG - Electrician's Mate Ship Repair General Electrician
- EMSRS - Electrician's Mate Ship Repair Shop Electrician
- EMSRT - Electrician's Mate Ship Repair Interior Communications Repairman
- EMP - Electrician's Mate Power and Light
- EMS - Electrician's Mate Shop
EN - Engineman
- ENA - Engineman Aviation
- END - Engineman Diesel
- ENG - Engineman Gasoline
EO - Equipment Operator
- EON - Equipment Operator Construction Equipment
- EOH - Equipment Operator Hauling
- EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician
EQCM - Master Chief Equipmentman (E-9 only)
ET - Electronics Technician
- ETN - Electronics Technician Communications
- ETN - Electronics Technician Navigation
- ETR - Electronics Technician Radar
- ETS - Electronics Technician Sonar
FC - Fire Controlman Surface
- FCO - Fire Controlman Operator
- FCR - Fire Controlman Range Finder
- FCS - Fire Controlman Submarine
- FCU - Fire Controlman Underwater Weapons
FCA - Fire Controlman Aegis
FT - Fire Control Technician Submarine
- FTA - Fire Control Technician Automatic Directors
- FTB - Fire Control Technician Ballistic Missile Fire Control
- FTG - Fire Control Technician Gun Fire Control
- FTM - Fire Control Technician Surface Missile Fire Control
- FTU - Fire Control Technician Underwater
GM - Gunner's Mate (E-7 to E-9 only)
- GMCB - Gunner's Mate Construction Battalion
- GMCBG - Gunner's Mate Construction Battalion Armorer
- GMCBP - Gunner's Mate Construction Battalion Powderman
- GMSRP - Gunner's Mate Ship Repair Powderman
- GMM - Gunner's Mate Missiles
- GMG - Gunner's Mate Guns
GS - Gas Turbine System Technician
- GSE - Gas Turbine System Technician Electrical
- GSM - Gas Turbine System Technician Mechanical
HM - Hospital Corpsman
HT - Hull Technician
IC - Interior Communications Electrician
IT - Information Systems Technician
- ITS - Information Systems Technician Submarines
IS - Intelligence Specialist
LN - Legalman
LS - Logistics Specialist
LSS - Logistics Specialist Submarine
MA - Master-at-Arms
MC - Mass Communications Specialist
MoMM - Motor Machinist's Mate
- MoMMSRD - Motor Machinist's Mate Ship Repair Diesel Engine Mechanic
- MoMMSRG - Motor Machinist's Mate Ship Repair Gasoline Engine Mechanic
MM - Machinist's Mate
- MMA - Machinist's Mate Aviation
- MMAGE - Machinist's Mate Aviation Bombing
- MMAH - Machinist's Mate Aviation Hydrogen
- MMAP - Machinist's Mate Aviation Photographic
- MMCBE - Machinist's Mate Construction Battalion Equipment Operator
- MMMB - Machinist's Mate Motor Boat
- MMO - Machinist's Mate Optician
- MMSRE - Machinist's Mate Ship Repair Engine Operator
- MMSRI - Machinist's Mate Ship Repair Instrument Maker
- MMSRO - Machinist's Mate Ship Repair Outside Machinist
- MMSRS - Machinist's Mate Ship Repair Inside Machinist
- MMW - Machinist's Mate Watchmaker
- MME - Machinist's Mate Engineman
- MMG - Machinist's Mate Industrial Gas Generating
- MML - Machinist's Mate General
- MMR - Machinist's Mate Refrigeration Mechanic
- MMS - Machinist's Mate Shop Mechanic
- MMA - Machinists Mate Non-Nuclear, Submarine Auxiliary
- MMW - Machinists Mate, Non-Nuclear, Submarine Weapons
- MMN - Machinists Mate, Nuclear Power
MN - Mineman
MR - Machinery Repairman
M - Metalsmith
- MSRB - Metalsmith Ship Repair Blacksmith
- MSRC - Metalsmith Ship Repair Coppersmith
- MSRF - Metalsmith Ship Repair Forgers Anglesmiths
- MSRS - Metalsmith Ship Repair Sheet Metal Workers
ME - Metalsmith
- MEB - Metalsmith Blacksmith
- MEG - Metalsmith Shipboard
- MES - Metalsmith Sheet Metal Worker
- MEW - Metalsmith Welder
MT - Missile Technician
MU - Musician
NC - Navy Counselor
- NC (CRF) - Navy Counselor (Career Recruiter Force)
- NC (FC) - Navy Counselor (Fleet Counselor)
- NCC - Navy Counselor Career
- NCR - Navy Counselor Recruiter
ND - Navy Diver
OS - Operations Specialist
PR - Aircrew Survival Equipmentman
PS - Personnel Specialist
QM - Quartermaster
- QMD - Quartermaster Dirigible
- QML - Quartermaster Listening
- QMN - Quartermaster Navigation
- QMP - Quartermaster Pigeon
- QMQ - Quartermaster Quartermaster
- QMS - Quartermaster Signal
RP - Religious Program Specialist
SB - Special Warfare Boat Operator
SH - Ship's Serviceman
- SSMB - Ship's Service Man Barber
- SSMC - Ship's Service Man Cobbler
- SSML - Ship's Service Man Laundryman
- SSMT - Ship's Service Man Tailor
SO - Special Warfare Operator
SoM - Soundman
ST - Sonar Technician
- STS - Sonar Technician Submarine
- STG - Sonar Technician Surface
SW - Steelworker
- SWE - Steelworker Erector
- SWF - Steelworker Fabricator
- SWR - Steelworker Construction Rigger
- SWS - Steelworker Structural
UT - Utilitiesman

- UTA - Utilitiesman Air Conditioning
- UTB - Utilitiesman Boilerman
- UTP - Utilitiesman Plumber
- UTW - Utilitiesman Water and Sanitation
Y - Yeoman
YN - Yeoman
- YNS - Yeoman Stenographer
- YNT - Yeoman Typist
YNS - Yeoman Submarine

Second Life's United States Navy  - Third Fleet Command, 2017

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