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... you are tired of flying or sailing around without a purpose;
... you love the code and discipline of the armed forces;
... you feel like serving the community and better yourself both in knowledge and as a person...
... then you may be cut out for the Navy.

Contact one of the officers at NAS Miramar for further instructions on how to become a Navy enlisted or commissioned officer.

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Naval Air Station Miramar is meant to reflect the existence and purpose of the real life Miramar naval facility during the Top Gun school era.
The United States Navy Fighter Weapons School (NFWS), better known as Top Gun, was the ultimate Fighter School of the United States Navy and had its home at Naval Air Station Miramar in Miramar, California until 1996.
Top Gun was founded on 3rd March 1969 to train pilots air tactics to encounter the bad results of the fighter pilots in the Vietnam war. For the first time, the so called dissimilar air combat training (DACT) was introduced, in which the American pilots didn’t fight against the similar plane they were flying themselves but against different, often smaller, more manoeuvrable aircraft, such as the Soviet Migs were at the height of Miramar's NFWS era.

Present day Miramar is a Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) and the Navy aviators fighter training was since transferred to NAS Fallon. Home to the Saint Adversaries of VFC-13 and the Naval Strike Air Warfare Center, NAS Fallon serves as the Navy’s premier tactical air warfare training center in Real Life.


NAS Miramar group is a Second Life United States Navy inspired group, that operates in the five continents cluster and has connections with similar groups around the grid. Together with Naval Air Facility Eagles Nest (outer regions), Marine Corps base and Marine Corps Air Station Quantico (Satori North), NAS Miramar is one of the official USN THIRD FLEET locations you can apply to serve either as enlisted or commissioned officer.

We are a serious RP group in a US Navy environment and take the representation of the institution we mirror from RL at heart. The flag flying at NAS Miramar and the uniforms we wear carry the weight of those who serve under and with them in Real Life, and we honor their service by carrying ourselves in a dignifying and honorable fashion.

There are a number of exciting roles and parts to be played at NAS Miramar. Please ask any local officer for a welcome package, read through the welcome note cards and find out if Navy life is your kind of life. If it is so, then you will find no better station to serve in and no finer crew to serve with.

NAS Miramar SLUR here!

Welcome to Miramar.
CAPT. Asra Kron NAS Miramar Station Commander
Third Fleet Trident Commanding Officer

[Updated May, 2018]