Thanksgiving at Cougar's 2017 Photo Coverage

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November 23, 2017. N.A.S. Miramar, Cougar's Sore Bottom Sailing Club on Thanksgiving morning.

The previous days, hours were spent between refreshing recipe knowledge from old cook books....

... and Redhill Farm's kitchen (on Earth for quite a while now). All the food was grown, bread and cooked at the farm.

The invite sent to our distinguished friends, many of whom could not make it but were present in thought.

First to arrive, from left: CAPT. Vickie Kühn, CAPT. Asra Kron, Ms. Asp Grelling and LCDR. An Rainbow.

VCG's VADM. Eliza Belis is welcomed at Cougar's piano diner by Asra Kron and Asp Grelling.

First turkey serve, from left: CAPT. Kühn, LCDR. Rainbow, VADM. Belis, CAPT. Kron, Ms. Grelling and LCDR. Baxter.

The turkey didn't last long on the plates and that was just a little hint of things to come!

As dessert was served, VADM. Belis was replaced by Col. Kangas, SLMC, who joined us for coffee after the first meal.

From left: CAPT. Vickster "Speed" Kühn, Ms. Asp Grelling and LCDR. An "Mistell" Rainbow.

From left: VADM. Eliza Belis, LCDR. Bambi "BamBam" Baxter and Col. Jade "Cheeks" Kangas.

Col. Jade Kangas, SL Marine Corps, enjoys a smoke after coffee as the guest's guard was changing.

The French arrive! Some of our friends from the PAF SL show up after practice. Notice Lcl. Lefavre still in flight suit.

Rhea Thor: "A prayer before eating. Une petite prière avant de manger." At the back table, Ms. Grelling and Col. Kangas.

Second serve of turkey. From left, clockwise:Cdt. Myrisse Loon, Col. Mara Klaber, Lt. Chipounne, Cne. Patoulou, Lcl. Paterne Lefavre, Col. Rhea Thor, Cne. T'Sar Kanto and CAPT. Asra Kron.

Paterne was not the only one changing clothes. Boss Vickie Kühn enjoys a Bourbon at the bar while the French eat.

The puff pastry hearts were the selected dessert and met general approval. The Boss takes Mara's place for seconds!

Patrouille de France en SL's wonder couple: Col. Rhea Thor and Lcl. Paterne Lefavre,

From left: Cne. T'Sar Kanto, Cdt. Myrisse Loon, Col. Mara Klaber, Cne. Patoulou and Lt. Chipounne.

As the sun sets quietly on Du Sud Isle, Cougar's settles for the last party.

"Cougar" and "Speed" share the calm atmosphere between parties with drinks by the fire, at the piano diner.

"You are either 4 hours late or 2 hours early, Lieutenant. You choose." That made "Hawk" stare at the clock a while.

Time zones may be unkind, but Cougar's is not. LTJG. Matter "Hawk" Blueskind missed the dinners but did take a turkey home.

The last party starts to arrive. From left: CAPT. Asra Kron, Ms. Valerie Patterson and Quinn Avery, dog reporter extraordinaire.

"And that one has your name on it!" One of Quinn's photos was used for a Blue Angels F9F poster. Happy doggy!

As the last guests seem late, the third serve starts. Ms. Patterson seems to wonder about Quinn's hat that soon disappeared.

From left: CDR. Helena Stenvaag, Ms. Valerie Patterson, CAPT. Kron, Quinn Avery and the returned VADM. Eliza Belis.

When you see "Barbie" parked at Cougar's you know who is in town.

CAPT. Sidney Pobieski enjoys her turkey and a little time away from the Gulf of Tonkin Yacht Club.

From left: Ms. Valerie Patterson, Quinn Avery, CAPT. Sidney Pobieski and CDR. Helena "BB" Stenvaag.

As the evening winds down, drinks and warm chat by the fire. "BamBam" joins the last group. From left: LCDR. Baxter, CAPT. Kron, CDR. Stenvaag and CAPT. Pobieski. The flan pudding on the table made someone happy!

Dusk at Miramar and Cougar's turns another fine page. Thank you all for coming. More turkey next year!

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N.A.S. Miramar, Cougar's Sore Bottom Sailing Club, 2017

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