Miramar 2nd Anniversary Ball Photo Coverage

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A new year about to dawn at Miramar. 01/07/2018.

The first guests arrive. From left: LCDR. Bambi Baxton, LCDR. Jenny Kaz, LCDR. An Rainbow, CAPT. Asra Kron, Miss Salina Warwick, Major Dominique van Dongen and LtCol. Quarlo Quandry.

SL USMC Lieutenant Colonel Quarlo Quandry, N.A.S. Firespire.

SL USMC Major Dominique van Dongen, MCB Quantico, USN Third Fleet.

Armée de l'Air Colonel Mara Klaber, Patrouille de France, is greeted by CAPT. Kron. Major van Dongen and LtCol. Quandry in the background. You have to love the French dress uniforms.

First dance. NASMCO and NASMXO, an established tradition.

The Anniversary Ball is open. From left: LtCol. Quandry and Maj. van Dongen, CAPT. Kühn and Col. Klaber, CAPT. Kron and LCDR. Rainbow, LCDR. Baxton, LCDR. Kaz, and Ms. Salina Warwick with Ms. Valarie Warwick.

Jazz time at Miramar and more guests join the party. Fourth from the left, Mr. Diamon Star joins his partner, LCDR. Jenny Kaz. First from the right, LTJG. Matter Blueskind arrives.

A great XO and friend, without whom Miramar would not exist today: LCDR. Rainbow with CAPT. Kron.

The (virtual) USCG arrives. Front and center, CDR. Thomask Andel, sided by PO3 Drakon Ravenclaw to his right and PO3 Janka Dinzel to his left. The Warwicks dance close by.

CDR. Thomask Andel, (v) United States Coast Guard.

PO3 Janka Dinzel and PO3 Drakon Ravenclaw, (v) United States Coast Guard.

The cutest neighbors ever arrive curling their tails: Newbienchen Zane and Tanja Byron.

On the hangar below the Main Hall, the stock version of the new SC Boeing F/A-18C Hornet in preview. The poor weather over the Aldabra Sea and scheduling matters prevented a fly by this year.

CDR. Helena Stenvaag arrives to a full hall.

CDR. Helena Stenvaag, CV-63 XO, 7th Fleet.

LTJG. Matter Blueskind, CV-63, 7th Fleet.

From left: CDR. Stenvaag, CAPT. Kühn and CAPT. Kron pausing for a flute of bubbly.

The XO is dismissed for the night. Time flies...

Ms. Valarie and Ms. Salina. The Warwicks having fun.

Jazz gives way to R&B. Time to hit the floor. CAPT. Kron, LCDR Baxter and CAPT. Kühn.

Tanja and Newbie. The cats having a ball! And spot Lilah, the other cat in the picture, if you can.

CDR. Stenvaag joins the dancing trio.

Can you see her now? LCDR. Kaz's pet, Lilah takes (another) nap. That cat can sleep through a hurricane.

The front entrance to the Main Hall in building A dressed for the ball.

About half way through what would be a seven hour ball this year, one hour longer than 2017's edition!

The endurance ball room dancers: LCDR. Jenny Kaz and Mr. Diamon Star.

CAPT. Vickster Kühn, NAFENCO, NFWSCO, TFCOM, Third Fleet.

CAPT. Kron, CDR. Stenvaag and a very solemn looking Lilah!

Long time friends of Miramar, USAF (ret.) Col. Hucker Zane and Ms. Marzi Zane arrive.

Back to Jazz with renewed company.

Third Fleet commanders take to the floor as the Zanes settle in.

Full swing. Col. Zane and his lovely wife Marzi. And Lilah!

At the door, LTJG. Sephiria McCloud arrives for the last part of the Ball.

LTJG. Sephiria McCloud, VF-154, VFC-13, NAS Miramar, Third Fleet.

A most welcomed guest: CAPT. Sidney Pobieski, CV-63 CO, 7th Fleet.

Good friend of Miramar and Blue Angels follower Mr. Ubiyen.

From left: Mr. Diamon Star and LCDR. Jenny Kaz, LTJG. Sephiria McCloud, CAPT. Sidney Pobieski, CAPT. Asra Kron and Mr. Ubiyen. And Lilah, if you can spot her.

Another year gone by. Can you believe it. Captains Kron and Pobieski.

This year, Ms. Shana Carpool honored us with her presence.

Dancing with the wind. Ms. Carpool in relaxed attire as always, sporting her 2018 Blue Angels team jacket.

Winding down as the ball nears it's closing hour.

Last ones standing and a new record! LCDR. Kaz and Mr. Star close the ball. And Lilah.

The day comes to an end at Miramar, and a new year begins. Go Navy!

Naval Air Station Miramar 2018

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