Sunday, October 15, 2017

TOPGUN Class One 2017 complete

Dissimilar Air Combat: F-4J versus F-5E.

The first TOPGUN class has been completed.
Following the Naval Fighter Weapons School program for the first time has given us a great platform to build on for the future. The attending crews were outstanding in their participation and collaboration, helping us improve the program with 2018 in mind. Well done everybody!

The top crew will be announced soon and receive the respective award at Miramar.

CAPT. Asra Kron

Some snapshots of Class One. As usual, click on the images to enlarge.

CAPT. Vickster "Speed" Kühn, NFWSCO.
"Speed" and "Cougar" welcome the crews at Miramar.
Front row: "Mistell" and "QB", back row: "BB" and "Witch".
The classroom component of TOPGUN, know your DACT.
Training at NAF Eagles Nest. AK-203 on taxi as AK-20 watches.
AK-20 and AK-21 at NAFEN ready to play Aggressor.
Tomcat vs Tiger: the pinnacle of dissimilarity.
"Speed" is not easy to shake off.
The crews at Miramar before a multi-region exercise.
AK-24 and AK-25: Vipers hot and static at NAS Miramar.
Catch me if you can: Multi-region interception. Ready cameras!
Debriefing after each exercise is SOP at TOPGUN.
AK-24 and AK-26. The Aggressors in practice over the Blake.

Navy Fighter Weapons School
Naval Air Station Miramar - 2017