Sunday, February 18, 2018

Armée de l'Air: French Air Power in Second Life

EPAA 20.300/312 (Equipe de Présentation de l'Armée de l'Air 20.300 et 20.312) aka the Patrouille de France in Second Life is the Armée de l'Air ambassador squadron and together with training squadron GE 314 (Groupement-École 314 "Christian Martel") share BA 701 as their home. Recently, the squadrons were relocated near Paris and got a small overseas base with open skies practice characteristics at Gordon Regional Airport in the small Sharp Continent.

Base Aeriénne 701 Salon-De-Provence is now, in Second Life, located very near Paris! The layout is exactly the same as it was for the last years and in one region manages to recreate the atmosphere of the real life BA 710: the academy building, the hangars, the gardens, the tarmac and runway... all the elements found in the real life air base and school are present and, in a nutshell, remind us of it in a very clever and emotional way. A reference in Second Life's aviation history.

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BA 701 Salon-De-Provence. Tout-prés de Paris en SL! February, 2018.
One of the older Alpha Jets on display by the EPAA fallen heroes monument.
The Alphas lined up on the apron at the previous BA 701. August 2017.
Close up of the EPAA memorial. Lest we forget.
Full line up at Salon during the 2017 American Tour season! Things of beauty.
One of GE 314 Alphas captured during the Daystar International Air Show 2017.
A PAF Alpha Jet in the maintenance hangar at Gordon's. 01/30/2018.
CAPT. Asra Kron and Lcl. Paterne Lefavre at Gordon's. 01/30/2018.
A rare moment and honor. Cougar with all the squadron at Gordon's. 02/15/2018.

I was privileged to be invited to a rare occasion (documented above) at Gordon's, where the Patrouille de France en SL has their open skies base. On February 15, the squadron assembled there for the official team photo and I had the honor to take a photo with them during the session. A once in a lifetime moment. On that photo, from left to right, Lt. Chipoune, Cne. Patoulou, Lt. Tidus, Lt. Ariel, Lt. Jeremie Hottaling (Jenny), Col. Rhea Thor, yours truly "Cougar", Cdt. Aethalia Malies, Lcl. Mara Klaber, Cne. T'Sar Kanto, Lcl. Paterne Lefavre, Cdt. Gwenblonde and Cdt. Myrisse Loon. Oh happy day!

To all my friends at BA 701 best wishes for the 2018 Season. We will meet in the great blue sky and under it as well. Merci bien, de tout mon coeur!

CAPT. Asra "Cougar" Kron
Angel 7

SLURs to the Air Bases of the Armée de l'Air in Second life:
To BA 701 Salon-De-Provence - SLUR here!
To Gordon Regional Airport - SLUR here!


  1. I and my PAF fellows are honored that we had the privilege to have "Cougar" with us when taking this picture.
    To you and my Blue Angels friends at NAS Miramar best wishes for a wonderful 2018 season.