ID4 2018 Complete Layout and Line Ups

CinSal Airport - Agrippa

Welcome to the 2018 Independence Day Air Show. Each year the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Team in SL, Blue Angels, celebrate our country's Independence Day with a two day air show (ID4). In the Blue Angels season schedule since 2016, the ID4 Air Show took place at CinSal last year and we are back for more! Here is the complete layout, schedule and team line ups for the two days! Happy Fourth of July!

Landmarks to the open water prime location available on arrival to CinSal Airport

LOCATION ONE: CinSal Airport - Bleachers - Agrippa Region - Capacity: 20 spectators
SLUR HERE! (click to get the SLUR)

LOCATION TWO: USS Defiant - McDuff Region - Capacity: 25 spectators

Each act/team has Day One and Day two specified

Blue Angels VIP Ride
July 3 and 4 at 1100 Hours SLT (11:00 am) 

Aircraft: Boeing F/A-18D Hornet
Pilot: CAPT. Asra Kron, Blue Angel #7, USN Third Fleet in SL

The Blue Angels have offered VIP rides in the squadron's two seat #7 aircraft for the past two seasons and this one is no different! Starting the air show on both days, Blue Angel #7 will take to the skies with CAPT. Asra "Cougar" Kron as pilot and a VIP guest in the back seat for a series of maneuvers much like those performed during the aerial demonstrations of the Navy Demo team. For the first time ever the aircraft used in the VIP Ride will have the same engines that power the regular production F/A-18D Hornet, instead of the special Blue Angels engines. A great way to initiate the festivities!

Anemone Wing Walking Team
July 3 and 4 at 1130 Hours SLT (11:30 am) 
Aircraft: WACO YMF-5
Pilots: Mr Pilot Sinn / Destiny Bellarosa
Wing Walkers: Diana266 / Flora Fraina

Anemone Wing Walking started in July 2016 by Tom Mcgregor and Flora Fraina in a desire to bring some excitement, thrill and fun back into their flying in Second Life, and create a performance which is worthwhile to see.
Anemone Wing Walking is a wing walking performance and training team. The group is not only intended for its team members, but also for all other wing walking performers and enthusiasts. Anemone Wing Walking activities include performing shows, training of wing walkers and pilots, while also providing personal wing walking experiences.
For the ID4 2018 Air Show, the Anemone Wing Walking Team will display two WACO YMF-5 aircraft and two crews (pilot/wing walker) who will perform a minimum of 8 runs each of awe inspiring and death defying aerobatics and acrobatics!

Fat Albert Airlines
July 3 and 4 at 1200 Hours SLT (Noon)

Aircraft: Lockheed C-130T Hercules "Fat Albert"
Pilot (both days):
Major Dominique van Dongen, USMC 5th MC, USN Third Fleet in SL

Ladies and Gentlemen! At long last with a United States Marine Corps pilot the SL United States Navy Flight Demonstration team Blue Angels is proud to present: FAAAAAAAAAAAAT ALBERT!
For the first time in the three years of this virtual demo squadron we are very pleased to add our C-130 support aircraft act to the regular Blue Angels routine. As a fire starter! Just as in real life with one big bonus! Unlike the real life USMC, the USN Third Fleet in SL did not run out of special fuel for Fat Albert's JATO rockets!! So here we go!!

Fat Albert Airlines demonstration layout:

Take off from 18L
   Low Transition JATO (Jet Assisted Take Off)
Pass One
   Flat Pass over center point (Hortensio region)
Pass Two
   Minimum Radius Turn over center point (Hortensio region)
Pass Three
   Head On Pass from the South over center point (Hortensio region)
Pass Four
   Remote Head On pass from the South but West of center point and into Agrippa.
Landing on 36L
   Assault Landing (Nose dive, very short landing and reverse thrust)

U.S. Navy Blue Angels
July 3 and 4 at 1230 Hours SLT (12:30 pm)

Aircraft: Boeing F/A-18C Hornet 
Pilots (both days):
Blue Angel 1 - CAPT. Vickie "Speed" Kühn, (sl) USN - Squadron Commander
Blue Angel 2 - CDR. An "Mistell" Rainbow, (sl) USN - Right Wing / Opposite Solo
Blue Angel 3 - LCDR. Jenny "QB" Kaz, (sl) USN - Left Wing / Lead Solo
Blue Angel 4 - CAPT. Asra "Cougar" Kron, (sl) USN - Slot

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels in SL have been the ambassadors of the United States Navy in this virtual world since 2016 and have taken their aerial demonstration across the grid to inspire audiences to both the art of flying and the United States Navy, just as the real Blues do in real life.
For this show, four of our seven pilots are available and as such we will be flying a 4 plane demo (like last year!). Taking the wings, the two solos will perform all the Diamond maneuvers and after each pass, as Blue Angels #1 and #4 climb, they will perform each solo maneuver. This way the audience will enjoy most of the demonstration just as if there were 6 planes in the air.

Blue Angels demonstration layout - 6 region demo box:

Thurio < Goodfellow < Tamora
Ratcliffe > HORTENSIO > Regan

Center Point: HORTENSIO

Demo - 65/80 meters
Waiting - 110/120 meters
Ceiling - 130 meters
Deck - 60 meters

* TAKE OFF - Formation: Finger 4 (standard)
Half Squirrel Cage on TO to Diamond - Cuban Eight

* Formation - 360 Pass
** Solos - Opposing horizontal roll - smoke on

* Formation - Diamond aileron roll
** Solos - Section high alpha pass

* Formation - Diamond double Farvel
** Solos - Fortus

* Formation - Diamond dirty loop
** Solos - Tuck away cross

Formation - Echelon right parade pass

Formation - Echelon burst reforming to Diamond

Formation - Diamond Pass keeps South on Regan
From Diamond formation - Carrier break 180 Regan to Tamora


Armée de l'Air Patrouille de France en SL
July 3 and 4 at 1330 Hours SLT (01:30 pm)

Aircraft: Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet E 
Pilots (Day One):
Athos 1 - Lieutenant-Colonel Mara Klaber - Leader
Athos 2 - Capitaine Ariel Ramyss - Intérieur Droit
Athos 3 - Capitaine Tidus - Intérieur Gauche
Athos 4 - Lieutenant-Colonel Paterne Lefavre - Charognard
Pilots (Day Two):
Athos 1 - Lieutenant-Colonel Paterne Lefavre - Leader
Athos 2 - Colonel Rhea Thor - Intérieur Droit
Athos 3 - Capitaine Tidus - Intérieur Gauche
Athos 4 - Lieutenant-Colonel Mara Klaber - Charognard
 (Alternate Athos 4 - Capitaine Patoulou)

The Armée de l'Air in SL Patrouille de France is the longest standing aerobatic team in Second Life, their aerial demonstrations are a tribute to the real PAF and their skill and commitment are outstanding, marveling audiences all over the grid since 2009. They have participated in several air shows alongside the Blue Angels and they rejoin the ID4 celebrations again this year. For last year's edition check this page! (click on the link)
For this year's ID4 Air Show, the PAF en SL will display four aircraft on both days, in their famous single sim "voltige". Their center point is Regan, so all the audience locations are well placed for the fast succession of barrel rolls, aileron rolls, loopings and Cubans that make up the Patrouille de France demonstration.

 Photo Coverage of ID4 2018 (link to be added here)

Independence Day Air Show 2018
United States Navy Third Fleet in SL 2018
CinSal Airport - Agrippa

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