Monday, July 9, 2018

The Barry Foehammer Building

This July 8th at Naval Air Facility Eagles Nest, a long time planned ceremony took place. The Navy Flight Demonstration Team commanding officer and executive officer had been waiting to make the naming of NAFEN's main building a reality since its interior was completed some months ago.

NAF Eagles Nest is the training facility of the USN Blue Angels in SL and it is for them what NAF El Centro is for the real life Blues - just as NAS Miramar in Second Life is for the demo team like real life NAS Pensacola. This is where the Blues were established first, back in 2015, and since then the support and generosity of Barry Foehammer, the region's owner, has been paramount for the lasting presence of the squadron in the region that is named after the real life Blue Angels.

It was decided that these years of unwavering support and hardship deserved enduring recognition not only in words and awards, and indeed Commodore Foehammer has been awarded the title of Blue Angels "Booster" for his outstanding commitment to the squadron, but also in a more lasting and visible way that would pay tribute to his contribution every day and for all to see. Hence the naming of the main building in the facility "Commodore Barry Foehammer Building".

The Commodore was of course invited to the ceremony and here remains the public record of the day along with a short visual description of the building and its multiple purposes. As usual, click on the images to enlarge.

The Commodore arrives at NAF Eagles Nest to see his name on the main building ID wall. CAPT. Vickster Kühn, NAFENCO and the Blue Angels Boss, CAPT. Asra Kron, the squadron XO and Blue Angel 7, and LCDR. Jenny Kaz, the Blues Lead Solo, were present to dedicate the naming.

The Commodore looks back at LCDR. Kaz with a big smile on his face. Recognition sometimes comes way too late and sometimes fails but the Blues made a point of ensuring this time it came true and in good time, after just a few months since the main building was finalized and operational.

The ground floor of the building is where the "flying chairs" are. Intended for rundowns of demo pass lists and other special briefings, this area also provides a more relaxed setting for meetings and local official events. It is as well the place where the awards presented to the squadron are displayed.

Another view of the ground floor open space. Visible on the background are the North access, the elevator and the XO desk.

The XO's desk on the ground floor near the North door, surrounded by a selection of posters from demos the Blue Angels participated in during past Seasons. The poster on the wall behind the desk is a real life Blue Angels Homecoming edition.

The second floor just out of the elevator, the Boss' office. CAPT. Kühn's desk is sided by the Navy and USMC colors and the walls are decked with Blues and personal mementos of a long and distinguished career as an aviator.

The CO's desk from another angle, showing the elevator and the doors to the auditorium. Every inch of the building was optimized for functionality and is put to good use.

The inside of the Roy Marlin Voris Auditorium. This is the official setting for most Blue Angels ceremonies and the location of choice for special briefings, awards and other functions.

The big screen in the auditorium where the Blues view not only the available footage of their practices and demos, but especially real life reels of the squadron in action. The team's demos are based on the real Blue Angels playbook and seeing them on the big screen is part of the training protocol.

CAPT. Asra Kron
Blue Angel 7 / NFDTXO

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